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Columbia River USGS Interdisciplinary Science Explorer WebSite

The CRUISE project - Columbia River USGS Interdisciplinery Science Explorer - will implement the first phase of integrated Internet Map Service (IMS) to improve access to USGS data and geospatial analysis technology for the Columber River Basin. It will deliver base cartographic data, science results, and one or more science applications representing USGS activities over the Columbia River Basin. Each of the science disciplines - Water, Biology, Geology and Geography - will be represented. The focus is on serving USGS data, science applications and real-time modeling analyses. These analysis tools and the integration of science from all four Disciplines will primarily differentiate this site from other available map services.

Water Resource's StreamStats application will be available over those areas where regression equations have been calculated for determining stream flow at any point along the stream network. Derivitive basin characteristics can also be delivered for any basin selected by the user. Scientific data obtained through other studies in Idaho will also be available.

Geology will provide views of geologic hazards research along Interstate-5 in the Portland region. Base geologic maps of various resolutions and scales will be displayed.

Biological Resources will present a linked Web map interface that will display fish habitat research results along two critical reaches in the basin. Multiple map displays will allow users to compare habitat under various base conditions. Sage Grouse data will also be provided.

Geography is providing the laision for coordinating this effort and contacts with the National Map.

Three major impacts are anticipated from this project:

  • The initial implementation will demonstrate a wide array of USGS scientific activities and applications that are critical to the welfare of the region.
  • USGS and other scientists are expected to use the data, scientific research results, and embedded applications in support of their research efforts.
  • This project provides a unique opportunity for members from all of the various USGS Disciplines to work together to bring the service online, with the anticipation that such collaboration will extend to fully integrated science activities in the future.


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