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The Big Sky Institute at Montana State University is an interdisciplinary center dedicated to creating, applying, and communicating science-based knowledge. The BSI Ecological Informatics Lab brings together natural sciences, geographic information systems (GIS), statistics, modeling, information technology, and computational programming with a comprehensive goal of making ecological data more useful to society. BSI partners with several NBII Nodes to disseminate information and to create value-added tools for interacting with data.

Mountain Prairie

MPIN header [Image: Aaron Jones, Big Sky Institute]

The Mountain Prairie Information Node is a collaborative project between the Big Sky Institute, USGS Northern Rocky Mountain Science Center, USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research Center, and other partners.

This site provides biological information organized by geography and by theme. Select from the categories below to get started.

MPIN logo [Image: Aaron Jones, Big Sky Institute] About the Node
Read about the history of this regional NBII node and goals for the future.
Bull Elk (Cervus elaphus) [Photo: Jim Peaco, 2000, Yellowstone Digital Slide File] Animals and Plants of the Region
Learn about the region's native biodiversity, including birds, invertebrates, mammals, plants, and species in need of conservation.
Map Layers [Image: Aaron Jones, Big Sky Institute] Live Maps and Data
Find maps and geospatial data related to carbon sequestration, butterflies and moths, whirling disease, and regional ecosystems.
Kansas Prairie [Photo: Jeff Vanuga, Natural Resources Conservation Service Photo Gallery] Regional Ecosystems
Discover the Great Plains, Greater Yellowstone, Northern Rockies, and Prairie Pothole ecosystems.
MPIN News [Image: Kelly Lotts, Big Sky Institute] Regional News
Read news articles related to regional natural resource issues.
Myxobolus cerebralis myxospores [Unknown] Regional Themes
Explore regionally-significant topics such as carbon sequestration, climate, fire, invasive species, water, and wildlife disease.
Mountain Prairie States [Image: Aaron Jones, Big Sky Institute] States
Browse data and information organized by state.

Conferences of Interest

  22nd Trumpeter Swan Society Conference
10/11/2011 - 10/13/2011
Polson, Montana
United States

Mountain Prairie Region

Map of the 6-state Mountain Prairie Region
[Image: Aaron Jones, Big Sky Institute]

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