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Betsie is the filter program used by the BBC to create an automatic text-only version of its website. This site contains full information about Betsie as well as pointers to accessible sites and resources across the web.

Betsie-enhanced BBC Sites

BBC Online Home Page

BBC Education Home Page

BBC News Online Home Page

BBC World Service Home Page

What Is Betsie?

Betsie stands for BBC Education Text to Speech Internet Enhancer, and is a simple Perl script which is intended to alleviate some of the problems experienced by people using text to speech systems for web browsing. For an explanation of that in plain English, see the 'About Betsie' page. For the complete technical details of Betsie, visit the 'Betsie Technology' page.

Betsie Site Contents

Betsie Home Page - Betsie Home Page

About Betsie - All about Betsie in plain English

Betsie News Page - All the latest Betsie developments

Betsie Technical Outline - All about Betsie in unremitting detail

Betsie Download Page - Download Betsie source code

Betsie Links Page - Useful links and other Betsie-enhanced sites

Betsie Feedback Page - Tell us what you think

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