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While this section of our Web site provides a general overview of the topic of genetic diversity, the primary and supplemental resources included focus on non-human aspects of genetic biodiversity. The scope of the National Biological Information Infrastructure addresses non-human biological and natural resources. If you are interested specifically in information on human genetics or the Human Genome Project, you should refer to the National Institute of Health's National Human Genome Research Institute Web site, which provides comprehensive information on research, grants, educational resources, careers, and the latest news on human genomics issues.

Introduction to Genetics


Basic Genetics and Cell Biology
Examine the coded information written in the DNA that gives rise to genes and cells and leads to the making of a living organism.


Forensics and Field Research
A brief discussion of the application of genetic analysis to wildlife management.

test tube

Genetic Analysis in the Laboratory
A discussion of the basic laboratory techniques used to study genetics.

wheat stalks

Agriculture and Genetic Diversity
A broad view of the role of genetic diversity in food production and the survival of our species.


Introduction to Genetic Diversity
A discussion of the source of genetic diversity, natural selection, and the evolution of species.


Population Genetics
Understand the basic statistical calculations common to the study of population genetics, that provide the basis for evaluating individual and population genetic variability.


Taxonomy, Phylogenetics & Systematics
An introduction to elucidating the evolutionary histories and relationships of species.

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