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Welcome to the
UNM Herbarium


The University of New Mexico Herbarium has a total of ca. 120,000 accessioned specimens of mainly vascular plants collected in New Mexico and surrounding southwestern states. In addition to the specimen collections, the herbarium has a library, reprint collection, and a laboratory for cytogenetics.

The herbarium is open by appointment only during regular business hours. Visitors must call the Collection Manager (Phil Tonne) in advance (505-277-3781) or email ptonne 'at' to arrange a date and time for using the collection.


plant, fountain and MSB and plant photos
Oenothera albicaulis © Robert Sivinski, Fountain and MSB © J. Mygatt and Phacelia integrifolia © Robert Sivinski

photos of the herbarium, a lichen and T.K. Lowrey
Herbarium, Lichen and Tim Lowrey © J. Mygatt