Biology and Biological Control of Knapweed

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Wilson, L.M. and Randall, C.B. 2005. Biology and Biological Control of Knapweed. USDA Forest Service FHTET-2001-07. 3rd Edition. 110 p.


About This Manual

This manual provides background information on each of the six knapweed species listed above, detailed descriptions of 13 knapweed biocontrol insects, and elements of a knapweed biocontrol program. The chapters are:

Chapter 1 provides detailed discussions of each of the knapweed species included in this manual. The species are identified by their scientific name, description of the leaves, stems, flowers, seeds, and habitat and occurrence in the United States. Photographs, drawings, and distribution maps are also provided.

Chapter 2 features knapweed biocontrol agents (flies, moths, and beetles) and their basic biology, including information on identification and lifecycle of each of the knapweed biocontrol agents. Information in this chapter is particularly useful in being able to identify each biocontrol agent in the field. Eight species of seedhead feeders and five root borers are described.

Chapter 3 includes detailed elements of a knapweed biocontrol program (planning, implementing, and evaluating). It encompasses techniques for all the agents. Included are guidelines for:

Glossary defines technical terms essential in using and communicating about biological control effectively.

Selected References covers critical references from the comprehensive body of literature on knapweed biology, ecology, and biological control.

Appendices contains various insect release and monitoring forms, checklists, vegetation monitoring forms, and most important, a troubleshooting guide.

Appendix A: Troubleshooting Guide: When Things Go Wrong

Appendix B. Sample Biocontrol Agent Release Form

Appendix C: Monitoring Plan Questionnaire

Appendix D: Biocontrol Monitoring Report

Appendix E: Qualitative Monitoring Form

Appendix F: Quadrat Density and Cover Data Form

Appendix G: Macroplot Design for Measuring Density



Chapter 1: Getting to Know Knapweeds

Chapter 2: Biology of Knapweed Biocontrol Agents

Chapter 3: Elements of a Knapweed Biological Control Program

Selected References



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