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High Plains IPM

The High Plains IPM website covers current effective management options for insect, weed, pathogen and environmental problems affecting all major field crops grown in the High Plains. Here are some examples of the informational resources HPIPM offers:

Invasive Species

A Field Guide for the Identification of Invasive Plants in Southern Forests: Update of Jim Miller's book now providing information on accurate identification of 56 plants that are aggressively invading forests of the 13 Southern States.

A Management Guide for Invasive Plants of Southern Forests: This book provides the latest information on how to organize and enact prevention programs, build strategies, implement integrated procedures for management, and proceed towards site rehabilitation and restoration.
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Early Detection and Distribution Mapping System:A free online tool for reporting invasive species and looking at their distribution.

Urban environments and structures

NPDN First Detector Training Materials

A list of pests, diseases, and weeds that the National Plant Diagnostic Network Education and Training Committee is creating factsheets and Power Point materials for. They will be use by first detectors and other educators. Browse the entire list or look at some of the latest additions:

Urban Forest Inventory Pest Evaluation and Detection (IPED)

The Inventory Pest Evaluation and Detection, (I-PED) protocol provides a portable, accessible and standardized method of observing a tree for possible insect or disease problems. It is intended to be a modern protocol for long-term national urban pest networking, detection, and monitoring. Explore the online resources for this protocol including:

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Crop Management
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Integrated Pest Management

Fruits and Nuts
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Field Crops
Soybean  |  Cotton  |  Peanuts  |  Wheat  |  Tobacco
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Christmas trees  |  Conifers  |  Other forestry topics

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