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Evil Knievel - Resident Troublemaker
A big turtle hug to Hikari, manufacturer of Hikari Turtle Reptile Sticks, for donating a year's supply of food to the rescue.  Food is our most expensive outlay at the rescue so this was very much appreciated.   Visit Hikari and get your turtle some great food!

Visit Hikari here!

A small gopher with huge teeth (or Marshall) ate a hole in our pond.  Now we need to replace the whole thing with rebar and concrete.  A wonderful volunteer started a project donation page at www.crowdrise.com, a fun and entertaining nonprofit site you cannot afford to miss!  Please donate so the turtles do not have to use straws to breathe and the fish will stop flopping around!


Click here to go to Crowdrise.com


Or if you are afraid of crowdrise, you can donate below with impunity.


Shopping for holiday gifts?  Sign in with goodshop.com or igive.com and we get a portion of the purchase or search!  It's so easy - sign in below and chose American Tortoise Rescue.  Thank you!

GoodSearch: You Search...We Give!

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Welcome to American Tortoise Rescue from Popcorn the Sulcata

affluent-recomended-button.gifAmerican Tortoise Rescue featured in Make A Difference section on AffluentMagazine.com

Check it out

Download Now! Click Here - Where Have All The Turtles Gone" A PowerPoint Presentation


This is Bunkle, the very first land turtle we rescued in 1990He is the boss of the turtle yard and is a total lady's man.  He is also the rescue's mascot.

Mission Statement


American Tortoise Rescue is a 501 (c) 3 nonprofit dedicated to the protection of turtles and tortoises throughout the world.  Our mission is to educate those wanting to know more about these gentle and wonderful creatures; stop their habitat destruction; and end the cruel pet trade of these gentle creatures. 

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