Comments or Concerns
To submit a comment or concern for the Asian carp communication group, send an email to

For additional questions or information on the following topics, please contact the agency contacts listed below:

Illinois Department of Natural Resources
Chris McCloud (217) 299-7128

U.S. Army Corps of Engineers
Lynne Whelan (312) 846-5330

U.S. Coast Guard
Lt. Dave French (216) 902-6021

U.S. Environmental Protection Agency
Phillippa Cannon (312) 353-6218

U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service
Katie Steiger-Meister, (612) 713-5317

U.S. Maritime Administration
Kim Riddle, (202) 366-5747, 

Dona Mathieu, (202)366-2569

Great Lakes Fishery Commission
Marc Gaden, (734) 662-3209  x 14