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One of the biggest risks to online collaboration is the possibility of private or other sensitive data being made public. HiSoftware provides content-aware compliance solutions for both Web and SharePoint® environments that detect private or confidential data and report on violations to ensure compliance with regulatory and other internal policies. The result? Reduced risk of litigation, fines and penalties, and the ability to prevent data breaches before they happen.

More Than 60% of Organizations Have Not Brought SharePoint Into Compliance

HiSoftware is making SharePoint 2010 safe for the collection, collaboration and storage of sensitive data… read more

Best Practices for Balancing Compliance with Open & Transparent Government

HiSoftware delivers proven audit, compliance and risk management solutions for:

  • Content Privacy and Confidentiality (PII/PHI)
  • Data and Information Security (OPSEC/SSI)
  • Web Accessibility (Section 508 and WCAG)
  • Brand Integrity and Site Quality… read the white paper
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