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Friends of Gateway

The Gateway Greenhouse Education Cen ter

The Gateway Greenhouse Education Center is a volunteer program to prepare trees, shrubs, and plants for life in city public spaces by growing them to a size that they are more likely to survive in difficult urban conditions. (full story)

About NOSC & FoG

Neighborhood Open Space Coalition (NOSC) (founded in 1981) is dedicated to improving New York life by expanding and enhancing its infrastructure for public health: parks, waterfronts, community gardens and open spaces, through advocacy, research, education, and planning. NOSC is a successful communicator of public space needs, serving as a citywide herald for the work of community-based organizations.

Created in 1987 Friends of Gateway (FoG) joined with NOSC in 1992. Its mission is to protect, improve and enhance public awareness of, and access to the New York metropolitan area's unique National Recreation Area. FoG works to ensure the preservation of Gateway National Recreation Area's significant natural and historic areas, while encouraging the addition of appropriate recreational, educational and cultural programs and facilities


It is easy to imagine the rusty railroad through the forest, field or suburban subdivision being replaced with a new amenity for the pleasure of people, and families out for a walk or bike ride on a new park trail. The rail-to-trails movement was built of such dreams and has changed the landscape of suburban and rural America with thousands of miles of new local greenways. ....(full story)

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New York's Community Gardens

A History

New York in the 1970's. A bit like today - difficult economic times and city coffers unable to meet budgetary needs. But different in important ways, too. So far, basic services, like Police and Fire, have not been reduced. (full story)

578 Miles of NYC Waterfront

Let’s improve public access

The creative re-utilization of New York's 578 miles of magnificent waterfront can change the very perception that New Yorkers and other Americans have of our City..... (full story)


Public open space is the infrastructure forboth healthful physical activity and contemplative relaxation. Rather than costing taxpayers, provision of public space saves money by cutting health costs and infrastructure expenses. (full story)

Jefferson Market

Urban Outdoors
March 2008
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