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Advancing conservation through bird and ecosystem research, from Alaska to Antarctica, on land and at sea.    
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  PRBO: At the Forefront of Conservation  
                              Interview with Ellie Cohen

Volunteers count shorebirds in San Francisco Bay!
November 22, 2011 - Over 100 volunteers and scientists will count hundreds of thousands of shorebirds in the San Francisco Bay to learn more about the needs of these migratory superheroes!
>> Read More (Press Release)

Bleak future for SF Bay marshes? Restoration reduces sea-level rise impacts over next 100 years.
New PRBO study finds that much of SF Bay's tidal marsh could be lost in the next 100 years. However, society’s actions, including major restoration projects currently underway, can keep more marshes intact as sea-levels rise.
>> Read More (Recent Media and Press Release)


Bigger Birds in California, Courtesy of Global Climate Change
Birds are getting bigger and that was a big surprise for researchers from PRBO, SF State and SF Bay Bird Observatory. The team of scientists found that birds’ wings have grown longer and birds are increasing in mass over the last 27 to 40 years.
>> Read More ( Recent Media and Press Release)

First Ever State of the Birds Report for San Francisco Bay
Released October 18 2011 by PRBO and the San Francisco Bay Joint Venture, the report summarizes the state of the Bay's birds and the actions needed to keep birds and their habitats thriving as sea level rise, climate change, invasive species, contaminants, and other threats persist.
>>View the report
>>Press Release

Restoring the Farallon National Wildlife Refuge
Learn more about the impacts of non-native house mice to the Farallon Islands, and research being done to learn how best to restore the island ecosystem.
>> News Coverage
>> Read more on the project
>>  Restore the Farallones website

  Conservationists and Rice Farmers
PRBO part of team to help 70 rice growers test farming practices that will provide habitat for migratory birds. 
>> Read article
>> Rice Fields to become mudflats to lure birds
>> Rice Farmers Change Practices to Benefit Birds

There's still time! Support the Bird-A-Thon today and join us for the Bird-A-Thon Awards Event in January. All counters, sponsors and donors are invited to attend.

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>>Donate to Bird-A-Thon


PRBO Climate Change News:
>> Climate Change Predicted to Alter CA’s Bird Communities
>> Climate Change and River Restoration  (Aug 31, 2009)
>> Climate Change and PRBO
>> Where will the birds be? Predictive maps showing the future distribution of California's birds.

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