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Earth Talks Series - Electronic Media and Environmental Science: e-Eductation to e-Data
Susan Brantley, "Electronic Media and Environmental Science: A Discussion about e-Education to e-Data"
4:00 p.m.; 112 Walker Building
CLIMA Seminar
R. J. Briggs, "Towards an Integrated Assessment of the Green Paradox"
Noon; 541 Deike Building
Biology Seminar Series
Monica Medina, University of California, Merced, "Cross-talk between coral microbes and their hosts"
4:00 p.m.; 8 Mueller Laboratory
Meteorology Seminar Series
Jerry Harrington, "Title TBA"
3:30 p.m.; 112 Walker Building
Chemical Engineering Seminar
Michael Hickner, "Water in ion-containing polymer membranes"
10:00 p.m.; 105 Wartik Laboratory
BMB Seminar Series
Arthur Arcinar, "Determining the mechanism of tRNA methylthiolation by the Radical SAM enzyme MiaB"
11:15 a.m.; 101 Althouse Laboratory
Geography Coffee Hour
Steven Maruszewski, "Penn State's Green Initiatives"
4:00 p.m.; 112 Walker Building
Earth Talks Series - Electronic Media and Environmental Science: e-Eductation to e-Data
Ann Taylor, "e-Education for Geographers, Geoscientists and Meteorologists"
4:00 p.m.; 112 Walker Building
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We are the central coordinating structure for energy and environmental research at Penn State. Organized under the Office of the Vice President for Research, we bring together more than 500 extraordinary faculty, staff and students to advance the energy and environmental research missions of the University.

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