Node Management

Annie Simpson
Node Manager
U.S. Geological Survey
National Biological Information Infrastructure
Phone: (703) 648-4281
Fax: (703) 648-4224

Pam Fuller
Technical Co-Lead
U.S. Geological Survey
Florida Integrated Science Center
Phone: (352) 264-3481

Tom Stohlgren
Technical Co-Lead
U.S. Geological Survey
Fort Collins Science Center
Phone: (970) 491-1980

Elizabeth Sellers
Content Manager
U.S. Geological Survey
National Biological Information Infrastructure
Phone: (703) 648-4385
Fax: (703) 648-4224

ISIN Staff Biographies

Invasive Species Information Node Manager

Annie Simpson. Phone: 703.648.4281 Email:

Annie Simpson (M.A. Entomology), came to the National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) in May 2000 after living in Costa Rica for 20 years, where she worked in natural history tourism. Her bilingual abilities have been helpful in her role as the United States lead in the Invasives Information Network (I3N) of the Inter-American Biodiversity Information Network (IABIN), and as the chair person of the Global Invasive Species Information Network interim Steering Committee. She also coordinates the invasive species efforts of the NBII regional and thematic nodes or working groups. She has experience in Web development, project management, and tropical field ecology, and is currently studying for a second master's degree in information science.

Invasive Species Information Content Manager

Elizabeth Sellers. Phone: 703.648.4385 Email:

Elizabeth Sellers (B.Sc. Botany & Geomorphology), came to the National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) in December 2003 after working as a Naturalist at the Occoquan Bay National Wildlife Refuge, Environmental Education Centerm, Fort Belvoir, Virginia. In 2003 she was a Volunteer for Science for the Invasive Species Program of the USGS Biological Resources Discipline. She completed her undergraduate studies in Tropical Botany and Geomorphology at James Cook University of North Queensland, Australia in 1995 and studied the invasive 'woody weed' - Zizyphus mauritiana for Honours in 1996. Now living in Virginia, USA Elizabeth's experience in software quality assurance, Web design, technical writing, and a variety of ecological field work helps her support the continued development of the ISIN and the GISIN. She spends her spare time volunteering in Virginia as a trained and licensed bird-bander and mist net operator.

Other NBII Contacts for Invasive Species

Les Mehrhoff

Deanne DiPietro

Central Southwest /Gulf Coast
Lisa Gonzalez

Lila Borge

Pacific Basin
Phillip Thomas

Southern Appalachians
Terri Killeffer

Katherine Thomas

Bird Conservation
Bruce Peterjohn

Wildlife Diseases
Christine Marsh

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