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See our collaboration in the North American Digital Flora: New Feature - By engaging "Place Name or Zip Code" under the Geographic Query window and then by double-clicking on that place name within the Google map, you can now produce a comprehensive list of plants anywhere within North America. Currently, only National Wetland Species are included; however, within several months, the entire North American flora will be available. A fully interactive random-access key will also be online very soon.
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The Biota of North America Program (BONAP) maintains relatively complete phytogeographic and related botanical databases for all free-living vascular plants in North America (north of Mexico). For over four decades, BONAP has worked collaboratively with many federal and state government agencies, private groups and individual specialists across the continent to produce and edit our databases. Therefore, we feel that our county-level database has matured sufficiently to allow us to post for the first time, all of our integrated county-level maps of the North American ferns and allies, conifers and flowering plants in one place. Although these maps must still be considered DRAFT releases, inasmuch as in 2009 alone, nearly 952,000 new county-level records were added, we wanted to provide members of the North American plant community an opportunity to view and critique all 21,500 species-level maps. BONAP plans to provide updates of these maps at regular intervals subsequent to this January 2010 initial release. 


The Biota of North America Program (BONAP) was founded in 1969 by Dr. John Kartesz. The program's goal is to develop a unified digital system for assessing the North American biota. BONAP's database now includes assessment for all vascular plants and vertebrate animals (native, naturalized, and adventive) of North America, north of Mexico, and maintains the most current taxonomy, nomenclature, and biogeographic data for all members of the biota.

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