U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Focal Species

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service (USFWS) Migratory Bird Program's Focal Species Strategy (PDF) identifies migratory bird species in need of focused conservation action and then leads targeted campaigns to return the species to healthy and sustainable levels, as a means to better measure success in achievement of conservation priorities. The Strategy began in 2005 when 139 focal species were selected by evaluating characteristics such as population trends, small population sizes or ranges, threats to habitats, and other factors including likelihood of conservation success. Each year, the USFWS identifies a subset of these focal species as the focus for development of species conservation action plans. Individual focal species pages and outcomes are accessible through this site. Conservation action plans have been completed for starred species (*) and are available on species pages.

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Ducks, Geese & Swans

Ducks, Geese, and Swans
- American Black Duck
- Brant (Pacific Black ssp)
- Canada Goose (Dusky ssp)
- Common Eider (American ssp)
- Common Eider (Pacific ssp) *
- Emperor Goose
- Greater Scaup
- Lesser Scaup
- Mottled Duck
- Trumpeter Swan
- White-winged Scoter (deglandi ssp)

Shorebirds, Terns, Auklets &Murrelets
Shorebirds, Terns, Auklets, and Murrelets
- American Oystercatcher *
- American Woodcock *
- Black Oystercatcher *
- Dunlin (arcticola ssp) *
- Gull-billed Tern
- Hudsonian Godwit *
- Kittlitz's Murrelet
- Long-billed Curlew *
- Marbled Godwit *
- Mountain Plover *
- Red Knot *
- Snowy Plover
- Upland Sandpiper *

- Reddish Egret

Cranes & Rails
Cranes and Rails
- King Rail *

Perching Birds
Perching Birds
- Bendire's Thrasher
- Bicknell's Thrush *
- Cerulean Warbler *
- Golden-winged Warbler
- Henslow's Sparrow
- 'I'iwi
- Painted Bunting
- Rusty Blackbird *
- Sprague's Pipit *
- Tricolored Blackbird *

Albatrosses, Shearwaters, & Petrels
Albatrosses, Shearwaters, and Petrels
- Audubon's Shearwater
- Black-capped Petrel
- Black-footed Albatross *
- Greater Shearwater
- Laysan Albatross *

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