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Southwest Exotic Plant Information Clearinghouse

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Arizona Wildlands Invasive Plants

The Arizona Wildlands Invasive Plant Working Group (AZ-WIPWG), composed of volunteer representatives from over 20 organizations applied The Cal-EPPC SWVMA Criteria for Categorizing Invasive Non-native Plants that Threaten Wildlands (the Criteria) to assess non-native plants that are established in the wildlands of Arizona, including natural areas and working landscapes. Through this statewide risk assessment process, a non-regulatory list, the Invasive Non-Native Plants That Threaten Wildlands in Arizona (the List), has been developed that categorizes plants according to their relative impacts on ecological processes, species, and native ecosystems. The overarching goal is to provide information about and create awareness for invasive non-native plants that pose a threat to Arizona's wildlands.

Please contact Kathryn Thomas regarding any questions.