Offshore Islets of Hawaii
Poopoo Poopoo Islet, Lanai, Hawaii
Image: F & K Starr, OIRC (Public Domain)

Hawaii's offshore islets are the last refuge for many rare coastal species and hold the hope for becoming a safe haven for many more. Many islets are relatively isolated from the threats that plague Hawaii's native species, over 470 of which are listed as threatened, endangered or candidate species under the Endangered Species Act. Because of this isolation, many offshore islets in Hawaii still harbor rich coastal resources, including 22 species of seabirds in the largest Hawaii seabird colony outside of the Northwestern Hawaiian Islands.

Five new species were first described from Hawaii offshore islets. Eight threatened and endangered species are currently found on the islets and eight additional federal species of concern are present. The islets are home to large numbers of endemic (i.e., species found only in Hawaii) plants, insects, birds, and marine creatures.

(Text courtesy of OIRC)

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Offshore Islet Restoration Committee


The Offshore Islet Restoration Committee (OIRC), formed in September 2002, is a multi-agency group dedicated to conducting biological surveys and restoration on selected offshore islets in Hawaii.

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Hawaiian Ecosystems at Risk project (HEAR) provides technology and information to resource managers and the general public to support effective management of harmful non-native species in the Pacific.

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Bishop Museum

Bishop Museum Offshore Islet Project

Bishop Museum's Offshore Islet Project gives public access to data on over 25,000 native and non-native fauna and flora species on 54 offshore islets.

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