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Department of Fish & Game
Biogeographic Data Branch
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Sacramento, CA 95811
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Biogeographic Data Branch

Good management of scientific data is a critical issue for the Department. The Biogeographic Data Branch (BDB) performs a leadership, policy and standards setting role for biological and geographic data management activities for the entire Department, its contractors, and partner organizations.

BDB provides GIS support for all DFG branches. This structure facilitates inter-branch teamwork and GIS workload balancing as changing conditions warrant.

BDB contains biological data development programs that are especially dependent and closely linked with GIS and emerging related technologies. These data development activities include vegetation mapping, rare species tracking, species range mapping, aggregation of existing incongruent data sources and decision support systems. [more]

Our Programs

  • ACE-II: Areas of Conservation Emphasis.
  • BIOS: Biogeographic Information and Observation System online mapping tool.
  • VegCAMP: Vegetation Classification and Mapping Program.
  • CNDDB: California Natural Diversity Database.
  • CWHR: California Wildlife Habitat Relationships.
  • GIS: Geographic Information Systems services and support.

Legislative Reports

In 2007 the State Legislature required the Department of Fish and Game to identify high priority areas for vegetation mapping and to map known wildlife corridors in the state. The following report has been provided to the Legislature.