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LandScope America—a collaborative project of NatureServe and the National Geographic Society—is a new online resource for the land-protection community and the public. By bringing together maps, data, photos, and stories about America’s natural places and open spaces, our goal is to inform and inspire conservation of our lands and waters.

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LandScope America is a unique collaborative effort of, for, and by the conservation community. Thank you to the hundreds of partners who are already helping. 

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Since birds don't recognize the convenient boundaries of borders and property lines, conserving habitat for them requires wide-ranging partnerships and collaborations. Learn who's working together to protect these ever-present companions.

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Conservation News and Updates

  • NY: EPA announces proposals to clean up Gowanus Canal

    After conducting studies of Brooklyn's polluted Gowanus Canal, the EPA has offered two viable plans to turn the infamous 1.8-mile body of water into a healthy urban waterway.
    The New York Times, 04 January 2012

  • World: 2011 in energy and environmental policy

    A recap of a few of the biggest stories and trends in energy and environmental policy over the last year.
    The Washington Post, 26 December 2011

  • DC: Washington's big dig aims to clean up Potomac

    A $2.6 billion project will cut roughly 16 miles of tunnels to keep overflow sewage and stormwater out of the Potomac River. The project should be completed by 2025.
    Reuturs, 28 December 2011

  • ID, MT: Trucking trout to their native streams

    In an innovative conservation effort, biologists on the Clark Fork River are using genetic testing to help get bull trout (Salvelinus confluentus) back to their natal streams to spawn.
    The New York Times, 22 December 2011

  • World: Could public health benefits make combating climate change free?

    The rising global public health costs of climate change provide a powerful incentive to take serious steps toward mitigating its effects.
    Scientific American, 21 December 2012

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