Pacific Northwest Region

Pacific Northwest Region Map
[Image: Adapted from the National Map]

States in the Pacific Northwest Region

The Pacific Northwest Region includes Idaho, Oregon, and Washington states. These states encompass highly diverse environments, including active volcanoes, large metropolitan areas, remote quiet ocean beaches, mountain alpine meadows, and high desert expanses.
City of Rocks [Photo: National Park Service]Idaho
Idaho, home to geologic and volcanic formations, fossils, and geothermal landscapes, also has a rich history of early Western explorers.
Crater Lake [Photo: National Park Service]Oregon
Oregon has a colorful history of fur traders, gold seekers, and settlers that traveled along the historic Oregon trail, as well as productive rivers, deep canyons, and semi-arid prairies.
Elwha River [Photo: john Woods, National Park Service]Washington
Washington state has a variety of landscapes, with active volcanoes, rugged mountains, lakes, temperate rainforests, and a beautiful coastline.

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