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This Repository represents a compilation of DoD Threatened and Endangered Species (TES) documents and data made available online through NBII. Documents are continually added, and it will continue to expand beyond the 18 TES currently covered. The information contained within these documents is considered "gray" literature (i.e., not peer reviewed). Please follow the adjacent link to access the User's Guide, which includes the Repository's data standards.

Uploading a Document

To submit a document for inclusion in the DoD TES Document Repository, please send an e-mail to TESRepository@hgl.com and the site administrator will respond with information to access the Input Tool. The User's Guide provides step-by-step instructions for uploading documents and associated metadata. Note: Document clearance is the responsibility of the submitting organization.

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Please send questions, comments, or suggestions to TESRepository@hgl.com.

Resources and Links

Users Guide
For information on how to use the DoD TES Document Repository, refer to the User's Guide.
The Legacy Resource Management Program supports efforts that conserve and protect the nation's natural and cultural heritage, assisting DoD in protecting and enhancing resources while supporting military readiness.
The Strategic Environmental Research and Development Program (SERDP) identifies, develops, and transitions environmental technologies that relate directly to defense mission accomplishment.
US Army Corps of Engineers
Regional Strategies for Managing Threatened, Endangered, and Sensitive Species on DoD Lands
Defense Environmental Network & Information eXchange: Endangered Species
The NatureServe Explorer
The NatureServe Explorer contains comprehensive species profile information for over 35,000 species.

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