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Welcome to the Interactive Biodiversity Information System (IBIS)!
IBIS is an informational resource developed by the Northwest Habitat Institute (NHI) to promote the conservation of Northwest fish, wildlife, and their habitats through education and the distribution of timely, peer-reviewed scientific data.

IBIS contains extensive information about Pacific Northwest fish, wildlife, and their habitats, but more noteworthy, IBIS attempts to reveal and analyze the relationships among these species and their habitats. NHI hopes to make the IBIS web site a place where students, scientists, resource managers or any other interested user can discover and analyze these relationships without having to purchase special software (such as geographic information systems) or hassle with the integration of disparate data sets. IBIS will, however, provide downloadable data for users who desire to perform more advanced analyses or to integrate their own data sets with IBIS data. Finally, NHI sees IBIS as not only a fish, wildlife, and habitat information distribution system but also as a peer-review system for species data. We acknowledge that in a system as extensive as IBIS, there are going to be errors as well as disagreement among scientists regarding the attributes of species and their relationships. NHI encourages IBIS users to provide feedback so we may correct errors and discuss discrepancies.

The IBIS web site is in the early stages of development, however, NHI staff, with the support of many project partners, have been developing the data for over five years. The IBIS database was initially developed by NHI for Oregon and Washington during the Wildlife-Habitat Types in Oregon and Washington project. IBIS data is currently being refined and extended to include all of Idaho, Oregon, Washington, and the Columbia River Basin portions of Montana, Nevada, Utah and Wyoming. IBIS will eventually include species range maps, wildlife-habitat maps, extensive species-habitat data queries, and interactive wildlife-habitat mapping applications allowing dynamic spatial queries for the entire Pacific Northwest as previously defined.

The first phases of the SubBasin Planning, Wildlife-Habitat Definitions and Pictures, Wildlife-Habitats, and County Queries sections are operational. The Wildlife-Habitats section contains wildlife-habitat definitions and pictures and can be viewed without registering. The SubBasin Planning section, funded by the Northwest Power and Conservation Council Homepage is also now available without registering. In the future NHI may require user registration to download or view IBIS information. NHI uses the free registration only to generate summary user activity statistics which help us to obtain funding. We do not distribute registration information to anyone. To learn more about NHI, please visit the Northwest Habitat Institute Homepage. To learn more about the planned development of IBIS, please browse the other sections available from the IBIS home page (the home page is always available by clicking the IBIS tab displayed on the left of every page).