Biological Control : A Guide to Natural Enemies in North America Anthony Shelton, Ph.D., Professor of Entomology, Cornell University

Welcome to this Cornell University World Wide Web site! This guide provides photographs and descriptions of biological control (or biocontrol) agents of insect, disease, and weed pests in North America. It is also a tutorial on the concept and practice of biological control and integrated pest management (IPM). Whether you are an educator, a commercial grower, a student, a researcher, a land manager, or an extension or regulatory agent, we hope you will find this information useful. The guide currently includes individual pages of approximately 100 natural enemies of pest species, and we envision continued expansion. On each of these pages you will see photographs, descriptions of the life cycles and habits, and other useful information about each natural enemy.

Four types of natural enemies are included in this guide. The images in the banner at the top of this page, with links, represent each of the types. Clicking on any of the buttons in the banner above, wherever it appears, will allow navigation to that section of the guide.

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Euseius tularensis (mite)


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Photo Credits:
Dan Olmstead (parasitoid icon),
Sandy Galaini-Wraight (pathogen icon),
Joe Ogrodnick (predator icon),
R.Richard (weed feeders icon)

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