A-3 Test Stand

A3 Test Stand at Stennis Space Center

The A-3 construction site is a busy place as work continues on the test stand that will allow rocket engine testing at simulated high altitudes up to 100,000 feet.

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J-2 Engine

Historical J2 Engine

A look back at the original J-2 engine development, from the historical 1968 fact sheet.

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J-2X Latest News and Features

Engineers and technicians in the A2 Test Control Center at Stennis Space Center in southern Mississippi monitor activities during a Nov. 9 test of a next-generation J2X rocket engine.

J-2X Engine Rockets Through First Tests

The best tech gift for propulsion engineers might be NASA's first new human-rated rocket engine to be developed in 40 years, the J-2X.

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Final J2X engine test for 2011

NASA Concludes 2011 Testing of J-2X Engine

NASA has completed the 2011 testing of the J-2X engine, preparing for another active year of testing in 2012.

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Stennis Space Center engineers and technicians watch as the J2X powerpack is hoisted into place in the A1 test stand Dec. 6.

NASA Ready to Test Upgraded J-2X Powerpack

For engineers working on the J-2X engine program, installation of the upgraded J-2X powerpack may feel like a long-awaited holiday gift.

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J2X test firing to test engine combustion stability

First J-2X Combustion Stability Test a Success

On Dec. 1, NASA successfully conducted a key stability test of the J-2X rocket engine.

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J2X 500 second test on Nov. 9, 2011

NASA's New Upper Stage Engine Passes Major Test

NASA has conducted a successful 500-second test of the J-2X engine to help develop an upper stage for the heavy-lift Space Launch System.

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A 40 second test of the J2X rocket engine Sept. 28, 2011

NASA Tests Deep Space J-2X Rocket Engine

NASA has conducted a test of the J-2X rocket engine, part of the Space Launch System architecture to once again carry humans into deep space.

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A 1.9 second ignition test of the J2X rocket

NASA Begins Testing of Next-Generation J-2X Engine

NASA conducted a combined chill test and 1.9-second ignition test July 14 of the next-generation J-2X rocket engine.

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The nearly completed J 2X rocket engine prepares to leave Stennis Space Center, Miss.

NASA's J-2X Upper Stage Engine Ready for Testing

NASA's new J-2X rocket engine is ready for its first round of testing.

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Engineers inspect the J2X fuel turbopump first stage nozzle after a successful test series at Marshall Test Stand 116.

J-2X Test Series Proves Part Integrity

The J-2X engine's fuel turbopump first stage nozzle passed a test to ensure it can withstand its extreme operating environment.

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Operators at NASA's John C. Stennis Space Center conduct the last scheduled space shuttle main engine test on the A-2 Test Stand on July 29, 2009.

Next-Generation Rocket Engine Testing

With a legacy of Saturn V and space shuttle propulsion testing, the A-2 Test Stand at Stennis prepares for its third major rocket engine test project.

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Major engine components have been assembled for the first J2X engine

J-2X Engine Assembly in Full Swing

Major engine components have been assembled for the first J-2X engine.

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The turbomachinery assemblies for the first development J2X engine off the production line.

J-2X Turbomachinery Complete

NASA and Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne have successfully completed the heart of the J-2X upper stage rocket engine -- the turbomachinery assemblies.

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Overview: J-2X Engine

    Artist concept of J2X rocket engine J-2X is a highly efficient and versatile advanced rocket engine with the ideal thrust and performance characteristics to power the upper stage of NASA's Space Launch System, a new heavy-lift launch vehicle capable of missions beyond low-Earth orbit. Fueled by liquid oxygen and liquid hydrogen, the J-2X builds on heritage designs but relies on nearly a half-century of NASA spaceflight experience and technological and manufacturing advances to deliver up to 294,000 pounds of thrust, powering exploration to new destinations in our solar system.

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