WDIN Ten Random Hidden Gems
The Wildlife Data Integration Network's Ten Random Hidden Gems Resources (hidden gems are resources we have cataloged but haven't been found by our community yet!)
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CollapseDetection of Bias in Harvest-based Estimates of Chronic Wasting Disease Prevalence in Mule Deer
From abstract (free full-text available): Diseased animals may exhibit behavioral shifts that increase or decrease their probability of being randomly...
ExpandOIE Laboratory Standards for Avian Influenza
ExpandThe Host Range of Chronic Wasting Disease Is Altered on Passage in Ferrets
ExpandChronic Wasting Disease Update - Report No. 89
ExpandPrPCWD Lymphoid Cell Targets in Early and Advanced Chronic Wasting Disease of Mule Deer
ExpandAvian Influenza Virus Subtypes Inside and Outside the Live Bird Markets, 1993-2000: a Spatial and Temporal Relationship
ExpandAntibody Response to Influenza Vaccination in the Elderly: a Quantitative Review
ExpandSurveillance of Chronic Wasting Disease in Sika Deer, Cervus nippon, from Tokachi District in Hokkaido
ExpandMeasuring Prions Causing Bovine Spongiform Encephalopathy or Chronic Wasting Disease by Immunoassays and Transgenic Mice [Evaluation Studies]
ExpandComparison of Two Automated Immunohistochemistry Procedures for the Diagnosis of Scrapie in Domestic Sheep and Chronic Wasting Disease in North American White-Tailed Deer (Odocoileus virginianus) and Mule Deer (Odocoileus hemionus)

Resources on the General Topic of Wildlife Disease

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The WDIN collects a wide variety of resources on the topic of wildlife disease in many different formats such as, websites, images, and maps.

The table below shows how resources on the general topic of wildlife disease are organized. To find information on specific diseases, such as chronic wasting disease, white-nose syndrome or avian influenza, visit our 'Index of Wildlife Diseases'web page.

Wildlife Disease Library Collection

Providing information and news about the general subject of wildlife disease

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General Web Sites
Browse a collection of general websites that provide information on the topic of wildlife disease.  Many of these resources are hosted by wildlife health organizations.

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Research Activities
Discover where wildlife disease research activities are happening.   

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Other Search Tools
Learn about other effective search tools, such as search engines or databases, for locating wildlife disease information.  

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News Sources
Browse a collection of media sources to stay current on wildlife disease issues that are making the news.

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Access an extensive, growing body of literature to learn about the complexities of wildlife disease issues and how the health of wildlife is interconnected with a healthy ecosystem.

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Multi-Media Library
Explore this multi-media collection to find wildlife disease images and illustrations.

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Educational Materials
Find educational tutorials scholastically ranging from K-12 learning to continuing education for the professional.

Looking for Information on a Specific Disease?

Need information about a specific disease like white-nose syndrome, avian influenza, or West Nile virus? Access these individual collections from the Wildlife Disease Index web page found here.

WDIN Top Ten Web Resources
The Wildlife Data Integration Network's Top Ten Web Resources Accessed Last Month
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CollapsePresentation slides for "Climate Change: Contributions to Emergence, Reemergence and Spread of Infectious Disease"
Assesses impact of climate change on amphibian decline, pathogen ecology, and avian influenza. Includes graphical analysis, some maps, and many images...
ExpandEmerging Infectious Diseases - Animations and Images
ExpandEmerging Infectious Disease - Lecture No. 11 - Emerging Diseases in Fish and Wildlife Introduction and Importance to Agriculture
ExpandThe Why Files - Zoonotic Diseases: Diseases Jumping from Animals to People?
ExpandA Map Highlighting CWD in North America [Image]
ExpandPresentation slides for "Climate Change: Its Effects on Healthy Aquatic and Marine Wildlife Populations"
ExpandPresentation slides for "Ecological, Environmental, and Infectious Disease Impacts of Global Climate Change and Extreme Weather Events"
ExpandTraining Module for "Avian Influenza: The Basics"
ExpandTraining Module for "Avian Influenza: Detection in Wild Birds - Field Collection of Samples"
ExpandThe Why Files - Why Emerging Infectious Diseases are Now More Threatening
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