Scales of Bird Conservation Planning

BBA Species Maps
Bird Conservation Regions
and political boundaries
[Image: BBA Species Maps, USGS]

Planning for bird conservation and management occurs at various geographic scales. Planning units may be ecoregionally- or politically-based, or a combination of these. The following are some of the most widely used planning units for bird conservation in the United States:

Where do we conserve birds?

Snow Geese (Chen caerulescens), Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge
Snow Geese (Chen caerulescens), Bosque Del Apache National Wildlife Refuge
[Photograph: John Mosesso, NBII LIFE]

Where and at what level does bird conservation occur?

Birds are conserved at various geographic scales ranging from local, state, regional, national and continental levels. On-the-ground implementation of conservation actions often occurs at local levels, but conservation planning, policy, and program administration, in particular for migratory birds, often occur at broader scales. The ultimate goal of these activities is to conserve bird populations by conserving the habitats and ecosystems on which they depend.

Place-based Conservation

Protected Areas Database of the United States
[Screenshot: Protected Areas Database
of the United States]

Some sites are considered critical for the long-term viability of certain bird populations and their habitats. Public lands and private conservation lands provide a network of protected areas often targeted for conservation. To view a list of protected areas in the United States, go to the Protected Areas Database of the United States Viewer.

Examples of programs that identify, recognize, or manage important ecosystems or bird habitats include:


National (United States) State Local

Bird Habitats

Birds and their habitats are found throughout the following major biomes and ecosystems:

State of the Birds by Habitat

The State of the Birds 2009 and 2010 reports provide general overviews by habitat of the status of birds in the United States.

- State of Arctic and Alpine Birds
- State of Aridlands Birds
- State of Coastal Birds
- State of Forest Birds
- State of Grassland Birds
- State of Ocean Birds
- State of Wetland Birds

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