Parks Summary and Map

Parks Map

Summary Statistics

ParkTotal Number of TaxaPercent Known*Number of ReferencesNumber of Unverified Records+Number of Verified Records+Total RecordsNumber of Type Records
Acadia (ACAD)44491-993769249300
Agate Fossil Beds (AGFO)6991-99401331330
Amistad (AMIS)11-2510110
Apostle Islands (APIS)32391-991309939930
Appalachian (APPA)21-2510220
Arches (ARCH)271-257043430
Assateague Island (ASIS)3726-501037370
Badlands (BADL)17776-90903333330
Bandelier (BAND)21191-99302162160
Bering Land Bridge (BELA)14626-50101461460
Big Bend (BIBE)28991-994405315315
Big Cypress (BICY)111-255019190
Big South Fork (BISO)21-2520220
Big Thicket (BITH)11751-75802562560
Black Canyon of the Gunnison (BLCA)111-254011110
Blue Ridge (BLRI)24651-751833723750
Boston Harbor Islands (BOHA)17476-90703553550
Bryce Canyon (BRCA)31-2530330
Buffalo (BUFF)15476-905132391710
Cabrillo (CABR)4726-505049490
Canyonlands (CANY)4126-507053531
Cape Cod (CACO)17876-905981452430
Cape Hatteras (CAHA)11-2510110
Cape Krusenstern (CAKR)751-251075750
Cape Lookout (CALO)271-253029290
Capitol Reef (CARE)361-255042420
Capulin Volcano (CAVO)4276-905050500
Carl Sandburg Home (CARL)7451-751074740
Carlsbad Caverns (CAVE)21-2510220
Cedar Breaks (CEBR)8051-752080800
Chaco Culture (CHCU)12476-90801511511
Channel Islands (CHIS)27391-9958838439220
Chickasaw (CHIC)241-255028280
Chiricahua (CHIR)32591-99291873004876
Colonial (COLO)11-2510110
Colorado (COLM)6726-5014093930
Congaree Swamp (COSW)8126-501081810
Crater Lake (CRLA)6526-5013088881
Craters of the Moon (CRMO)231-252024240
Cumberland Island (CUIS)2626-501521260
Cuyahoga Valley (CUVA)7391-99501361360
Death Valley (DEVA)121-255014140
Delaware Water Gap (DEWA)33391-993117407410
Denali (DENA)25951-752704494490
Devils Tower (DETO)13091-99465801451
Dinosaur (DINO)261-2516030301
Effigy Mounds (EFMO)8491-99601641640
El Malpais (ELMA)8751-754088880
Everglades (EVER)11426-501401671670
Fire Island (FIIS)2926-502624300
Florissant Fossil Beds (FLFO)11-2510110
Fort Clatsop (FOCL)41-2510440
Fort Davis (FODA)31-2513030
Fort Frederica (FOFR)4576-904087870
Fort Matanzas (FOMA)121-251012120
Fort Raleigh (FORA)11-2510110
Fort Union Trading Post (FOUS)4276-902081810
Gates of the Arctic (GAAR)44191-991409589582
Gateway Arch (GATE)21-2510220
George Washington Carver (GWCA)4376-904075750
Glacier (GLAC)48091-993959189230
Glacier Bay (GLBA)691-251001181180
Glen Canyon (GLCA)101-251010100
Golden Gate (GOGA)71-2551670
Grand Canyon (GRCA)25551-753406526526
Grand Portage (GRPO)19991-99815595600
Grand Teton (GRTE)22151-75902502500
Great Sand Dunes (GRSA)1026-506010100
Great Smoky Mountains (GRSM)46391-9965398098328
Guadalupe Mountains (GUMO)51-2520550
Gulf Islands (GUIS)101-25155100
Hagerman Fossil Beds (HAFO)11-2510110
Haleakala (HALE)521-252092920
Harpers Ferry (HAFE)11-2510110
Hawaii Volcanoes (HAVO)15751-753111571680
Homestead (HOME)1976-903039390
Hot Springs (HOSP)21476-90604344340
Illinois & Michigan Canal (ILMI)5051-751050501
Indiana Dunes (INDU)6991-99602002000
Isle Royale (ISRO)61391-99720163116313
Jewel Cave (JECA)15876-905110641741
John Day Fossil Beds (JODA)21-2510220
Joshua Tree (JOTR)6951-758085850
Katmai (KATM)71-2520880
Kenilworth (KEPA)61-2510660
Keweenaw (KEWE)35491-9953522105620
Kings Canyon (KICA)11051-75602102100
Kings Mountain (KIMO)12551-75101251250
Klondike Gold Rush (KLGO)651-2536010700
Knife River Indian Villages (KNRI)4876-905095950
Kobuk Valley (KOVA)481-251048480
Lake Chelan (LACH)211-254041410
Lassen Volcanic (LAVO)91-2550990
Lava Beds (LABE)191-254021210
Lincoln Boyhood (LIBO)1626-501016160
Lyndon B. Johnson (LYJO)31-2510330
Mammoth Cave (MACA)451-255144450
Mesa Verde (MEVE)15876-902102402401
Minute Man (MIMA)10276-90101021020
Mississippi (MISS)12891-99112801280
Mojave (MOJA)4026-503040400
Mount Rainier (MORA)16876-903402662666
Mount Rushmore (MORU)22276-903226142400
Muir Woods (MUWO)101-251010100
Natchez Trace (NATR)4026-501040400
Natural Bridges (NABR)31-2520330
Navajo (NAVA)9976-90802452450
New River Gorge (NERI)21-2510220
Niobrara (NIOB)11-2511010
Noatak (NOAT)591-251059590
North Cascades (NOCA)13626-50484881720
Obed (OBRI)11-2510111
Olympic (OLYM)35376-904816346352
Oregon Caves (ORCA)18691-99101861860
Oregon Trail (OREG)10326-50101031030
Organ Pipe Cactus (ORPI)151-2513021211
Oxon Run (OXRU)51-2510550
Ozark (OZAR)18976-901142022061
Parashant (PARA)14726-50101471470
Petrified Forest (PEFO)11276-90401171170
Pictured Rocks (PIRO)26391-991007357350
Pinnacles (PINN)26691-991303283281
Pipestone (PIPE)7891-99601241240
Piscataway (PISC)91-2510990
Point Reyes (PORE)10126-502301151154
Prince William Forest (PRWI)11-2510110
Redwood (REDW)25176-9071692053740
Rocky Mountain (ROMO)41991-996437397424
Ross Lake (ROLA)11-2510110
Saguaro (SAGU)29991-992235435461
Saint Croix (SACN)30891-991406376370
San Juan Island (SAJH)431-251043430
Santa Monica Mountains (SAMO)33376-902019233552722
Saratoga (SARA)101-251010100
Scotts Bluff (SCBL)7476-901111411421
Sequoia (SEQU)25691-993135986013
Shenandoah (SHEN)21876-902904474474
Sitka (SITK)6426-5045220720
Sleeping Bear Dunes (SLBE)19391-99703923920
Sunset Crater Volcano (SUCR)41-2510440
Tallgrass Prairie (TAPR)31-2520330
Theodore Roosevelt (THRO)25191-992404664662
Timpanogos Cave (TICA)11-2510110
Upper Delaware (UPDE)11-2510110
Voyageurs (VOYA)49891-99450114411442
White Sands (WHSA)41-2520550
Wilson's Creek (WICR)12491-99702492490
Wind Cave (WICA)8726-5024350930
Wupatki (WUPA)161-251016160
Yellowstone (YELL)42176-90323100110041
Yosemite (YOSE)10126-503511571585
Yukon-Charley Rivers (YUCH)171-252018180
Zion (ZION)18451-751504094090

*Denotes rough estimates only, and not actual measurements.
+Only the location of the species within a park has been verified. The identification of each species has not been verified.

This list was generated on January 11, 2012 by NPLICHEN, a database of lichens in the U.S. National Parks that was developed by James Bennett and Clifford Wetmore.

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