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Welcome to Best Sustainability Practices in Southern Appalachia, a searchable database of examples of best practices in growth management, sustainable development, and environmental conservation in the Southern Appalachian Highlands.

"Sustainability is a goal of both economic development and environmental conservation. Sustainability is characterized by equitable distribution of benefits and opportunity across economic groups, gender and generations."

-Frank McCormick, 1999, "Principles of Ecosystem Management and Sustainable Development," J. Peine Ed., in Ecosystem Management for Sustainability, Island Press, New York pp.3-22

Finding Best Sustainability Practices in Southern Appalachia

Follow the leaders on the landscape in Southern Appalachia

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Environmental Conservation = Growth Management = Sustainable Development

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Gatlinburg Gateway Foundation

The mission of the Gatlinburg Gateway Foundation is to advocate positive action and civic responsibility to achieve an environmentally sensitive, culturally enriched, and economically prosperous gateway community to Great Smoky Mountains National Park.

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