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About the Amphibians Focus

The U.S. Geological Survey's National Biological Information Infrastructure (NBII) Amphibians Web site serves as a resource for individuals to learn about amphibians and the diverse factors affecting global amphibian populations.  Additionally, this site allows citizen scientists to contribute informative reports regarding local amphibian populations, thereby assisting the greater scientific community's efforts to better understand amphibian populations worldwide.

In this site's pages, we provide introductory information on amphibians, recent declines in amphibian populations, and the various causes of amphibian declines and malformations. Additionally, we provide links to other reputable online sources where our visitors can find more information and detail about amphibians and amphibian-related issues.

As home to the North American Reporting Center for Amphibian Malformations (NARCAM), this site allows individuals throughout North America to submit a report on local amphibian malformations. If you have observed malformed amphibians, you are encouraged to report your sightings using this site's online submission form.

You can also use this site to view verified malformations data regarding the extent of malformation reports received to date, including geographic distribution, information on the types of malformations found, and the species affected in each area.

Throughout the site, detailed information on specific topics can be accessed through catalog viewers that search the vast NBII library of human-reviewed online resources and retrieve the most relevant results.

Founded and developed by the USGS Northern Prairie Wildlife Research center, NARCAM is now managed by the Southeast Information Node of the USGS NBII in partnership with the University of Georgia's Savannah River Ecology Lab.

Our Partners
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CollapseHerpetology Program of the University of Georgia Savannah River Ecology Lab
The Herpetology Program of the University of Georgia Savannah River Ecology Lab provides herpetological expertise and quality assurance/quality control for all malformations reports submitted to the North American Reporting Center for Amphibian Malformations (NARCAM). All reports are reviewed for completeness, accuracy, and integrity before they are made available for public access and review.
Partner Type: University Partners
Node Affiliation: Amphibians Project
The NBII Program is administered by the Biological Informatics Program of the U.S. Geological Survey
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