USGS National Coastal Program Plan

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A Plan for a Comprehensive National Coastal Program
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The overall goal of this Program is to provide the scientific information, knowledge, and tools required to ensure that decisions about land and resource use, management practices, and future development in the coastal zone and adjacent watersheds can be evaluated with a complete understanding of the probable effects on coastal ecosystems and communities, and a full assessment of their vulnerability to natural and human-driven changes.

National Marine Fisheries Service

photo of a marine fish with the words "About National Marine Fisheries Service" above it

The National Marine Fisheries Service (NMFS), or NOAA Fisheries, is part of the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) within the U.S. Department of Commerce

Founded in 1871 as the U.S. Commission of Fish and Fisheries, the agency was established to investigate and correct food-fish stock declines in New England waters.

Since then, the agency has become responsible for managing and sustaining most living marine resources and their habitat in U.S. waters.

The NOAA Fisheries team consists of professionals including oceanographers, biologists, social scientists, economists, mathematicians, managers, administrative support personnel, technicians, and enforcement personnel who work together and with fisheries professionals elsewhere to protect and achieve our nation's resource management goals.

The NBII Program is administered by the Biological Informatics Program of the U.S. Geological Survey
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