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The NOAA Fisheries Service is dedicated to the stewardship of living marine resources through science-based conservation and management, and the promotion of healthy ecosystems.

As a steward, NOAA Fisheries Service conserves, protects, and manages living marine resources in a way that ensures their continuation as functioning components of marine ecosystems, affords economic opportunities, and enhances the quality of life for the American public.

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Hot Topics at the Southeast Region


Status of U.S. Fisheries
Public Consultation Tracking System *(PCTS)*
IFQ Program
Individual Fishing Quota
for the Gulf of Mexico
Gulf of Mexico
Grouper, Snapper, and Other Reef Fish
Spiny Lobster
Stone Crab
South Atlantic
Snapper Grouper
Reef Fish
Spiny Lobster
VMS Program
Vessel Monitoring System
Marine Mammal Authorization Program
Right Whales
Conservation Program
Sea Turtles
Gulf of Mexico Reef Fish Fishery
Hurricane Reports
Report to Congress
Katrina Impacts
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NOAA Fisheries Service Science Centers
Fishery Management Councils
Marine Fisheries Commissions

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Last Updated: December 14, 2011