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The mission of the Alaska Fisheries Science Center is to generate the scientific information and analysis necessary for the conservation, management, and utilization of the region's living marine resources.

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Visit Our Multimedia Gallery!
The AFSC Multimedia Gallery is a searchable repository of select photographs and videos spanning years of AFSC field research on the living marine resources of the North Pacific and Arctic Oceans. More>
Visit Our Education Website!
Explore the AFSC's education and outreach website designed for students, educators, and life-long learners, with information on internships, careers, job shadow, and cool science. More>
BSAI Crab EDR CIE Update
The Center for Independent Experts chair report and addendum are now available for the Bering Sea and Aleutian Islands Crab Fisheries Economic Data Collection Program More>
2012 Pink Salmon Forecast
The 2012 Southeast Alaska pink salmon forecast is now available. This forecast model has performed well in 6 of the last 7 years, giving estimates that averaged within 7% of actual harvests. More>
Research Reports & Activities
Research feature; Center milestones: Auke Bay Labs reports; Fisheries Monitoring & Analysis reports; Habitat & Ecological Processes reports; National Marine Mammal Lab reports; Resource Assessment & Conservation Engineering reports; Resource Ecology & Fisheries Management reports. More>
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Western Groundfish Conference
The 2012 Western Groundfish Conference will be held 7-10 February 2012 in Seattle. More>
Noerenberg Award
AFSC scientists Jack Helle and Bill Heard were bestowed the Wally Noerenberg Award at the November meeting of the Alaska Chapter of the American Fisheries Society. More>
Interactive Mapping Tools
Check out our interactive data maps for groundfish survey data, groundfish fishery observer data, and groundfish diet data. More>
Cool Stuff
Multimedia Gallery, Juneau Humpback Catalog, Groundfish Survey Data, Glacial Ice Photos, Fish Ageing Demo, Rockfish Game, Fish & Invertebrate Photos
AFSC Divisions
"" Auke Bay Labs
"" Fisheries Monitoring & Analysis
"" National Marine Mammal Lab
"" Resource Assessment &
  Conservation Engineering
"" Resource Ecology & Fisheries
Research Programs
Information on the AFSC's research divisions, programs, projects, and plans.
General Info
Information about the AFSC mission, administration, directory, activities, facilities, directory, jobs, news, links
Information on species of fish, invertebrates, marine mammals, and seabirds.
Citations database, stock assessments, tech memos, journal articles, research reports.
Data & Tools
Survey, catch, age and growth, life history, telemetry, interactive maps, spatial data, software.
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Cook Inlet Beluga Survey Finds Population at Second Lowest Level

  • The 2011 abundance estimate for the endangered Cook Inlet beluga whale population is 284 animals, almost 20 percent lower than last year’s estimate of 340. This year's estimate is the second-lowest since NOAA’s surveys began in 1993. According to AFSC Science and Research Director Doug DeMaster, “While NOAA remains concerned that this population is not showing signs of recovery, at this time we do not believe this estimate represents a marked decrease in the population.” More>

Historic Milestone in Fisheries Management Achieved

  • In an effort to sustain commercial and recreational fishing for the next several decades, the United States this year will become the first country to impose catch limits for every species it manages. More>

A Synopsis of the Life History and Ecology of Snails of the Genus Neptunea

  • Benthic invertebrates of the eastern Bering Sea: A synopsis of the life history and ecology of snails of the genus Neptunea. NOAA Technical Memorandum AFSC-NMFS-231. More>

Death of Ringed Seals Declared an Unusual Mortality Event

  • NOAA declared the recent deaths of ringed seals in the Arctic and Bering Strait regions of Alaska an unusual mortality event, triggering a focused, expert investigation into the cause. A decision by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service on making such a declaration for Pacific walrus in Alaska is pending. The public is encouraged to report siightings of diseased or dead animals. More>

2011 Stock Assessment and Fishery Evaluation Reports for 2012

  • The 2011 North Pacific Groundfish Stock Assessment and Fishery Evaluation Reports for 2012 are now available on the AFSC's Status of Stocks web page. More>

2011 Steller Sea Lion Survey Results

  • Results of an aerial survey to assess Steller sea lion pup production in the range of the western distinct population segment in Alaska conducted from 27 June to 16 July 2011 are now available online. (pdf: 648KB) More>

Rockfish Research: Assessment of Rockfish in Untrawlable Areas

  • Survey nets used in bottom trawl assessment surveys are limited in their ability to sample rocky areas, since the nets are easily snagged and torn on rough rocky substrate. Therefore, a different method was needed to survey the abundance of fishes in these rocky areas. More>

New Status Review of the Ribbon Seal

  • NOAA Fisheries announced the initiation of a new status review of the ribbon seal to determine whether the species warrants protection under the Endangered Species Act. More>

Cooperative Survey of Red King Crab in Nearshore Areas of Bristol Bay

  • This study was motivated by the observation that Bristol Bay red king crab distribution is correlated with water temperatures in the eastern Bering Sea, with crabs migrating from cold water areas of the Bristol Bay shelf into nearshore areas with warmer waters. One potential explanation for this phenomenon is that red king crab females perform an offshore migration to release larvae and find mates, which is delayed during years with colder water temperatures due to a delay in the crab larvae development. More>

Polar Ecosystems Program Reports on 2011 Alaska Harbor Seal Survey

  • The Alaska Harbor Seal Survey is one of the largest, regularly occurring wildlife surveys in the world. The 2011 summer surveys ranged from Attu Island in the western Aleutian Islands to Portland Canal in Southeast Alaska—a straight-line distance of approximately 2,000 nmi and roughly 4,000 nmi of coastline. More>



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