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Please note: The NRMP database is newly launched, and does not yet contain many records. If you do not find what you're looking for, we hope you will return soon to try your search again. As the partnership grows, we hope to quickly expand the holdings within the system. We also invite you to join us by contributing your own monitoring records, so that they can be shared with your colleagues.

Disclaimer Regarding the Interpretation or Use of Content Submitted to the NRMP

The Natural Resources Monitoring Partnership (NRMP) monitoring locator and protocol library are provided as a service to the natural resource monitoring community for the open exchange of information regarding ongoing monitoring activities and methodologies. While the NRMP advocates the development and use of protocols that follow the Oakley et al. 2003 protocol standards and are peer-reviewed, the NRMP does not screen, edit, or review any submissions to the Monitoring Locator or Protocol Library. As such, the NRMP does not endorse or guarantee the quality of the information found on this site. We encourage users to carefully evaluate the information and methods identified on this site for their utility and quality to address your specific circumstance, need, and application.

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