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IPANE Species
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The IPANE project has a list of species about which data is collected. Detailed information about these “IPANE species” can be found in the Catalog of Species, and the list can viewed under Current Species List. IPANE’s Data and Maps are also available for these species at our website. In addition, IPANE maintains a list of Noxious Weeds and Other Species. Other Species includes several categories of species that are not on the official IPANE list, with explanations of their status. The IPANE project strives to be responsive to current invasions, so the IPANE list is modified as new information is available.

Many states now have officially designated lists of species considered to be invasive at some level or scale in that state. Species may have a different status in different states. The IPANE lists include species that we consider to be invasive or potentially invasive in New England.
The IPANE lists have no legal status.

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