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Mitten Crab Reporting Form

Please help us in our effort to understand more about the Chinese Mitten Crab. To report a sighting, you may either call toll free 1 888-321-8913 or you may submit the information requested on this form. The Chinese Mitten Crab information provided by these reports will become public information. All personal information will be kept strictly confidential, will not be used for any other purpose and will not be stored in any electronic database. Your name and telephone number are required because we may contact you for further details. It is especially important that you include specific details on the Location (i.e., nearest highway, waterway, bridge, channel marker or other landmark). More detail and description can be included in the Comments section. When finished click the Review Report button below and then click the Send Button. Your information is greatly appreciated, thank you very much!

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Please Note:

It is illegal to import, transport, or possess live Chinese mitten crabs (Title 14, Section 671 of the California Code of Regulations). Accidental release or escape will spread these crabs to uninfested waters. If you keep a mitten crab, it must be dead. You must posses a valid California Sport Fishing License to fish for Mitten Crabs. Upstream of the Carquinez Bridge, you can only fish by hook and line and there are no bag or size limits. Downstream of the Carquinez bridge, you can fish with traps and hook and line, but the limit is 35 per day.