A. Identification and Validation

The Identification and Validation component of the National EDRR Framework represents a public interface to a group of tools that will assist users in correctly identifying suspected invasive species. It serves as a filter to help minimize false reporting.

* If you know about keys, guides, and other online tools for identifying invasive species that you think should be included in this list, please contact Annie Simpson (asimpson@usgs.gov) or Elizabeth Sellers (esellers@usgs.gov).


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Invasive Species Identification Tools (EDRR)
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CollapseNonindigenous Plant Species in New Jersey, An Overview
Description: Quote:"This report provides background on the numbers and origins of nonindigenous species in New Jersey, discusses problems caused by harmful invasive species, describes current state and federal programs, and examines methods of control and prevention. Fact sheets on 27 of the most problematic invasive species have been developed to help guide management and control initiatives."
Resource Type: Checklists and Identification Guides, Life Histories and Species Profiles, Management Plans and Reports
Resource Format: PDF, URL
Publisher: State of New Jersey
ExpandAquatic Plant Information System
ExpandAsian Longhorned Beetle in Colorado - Identification of Insects and Damage of Similar Appearance
ExpandBats - Damage Prevention and Control Methods
ExpandCactus Moth Detection and Monitoring Network
ExpandChinese Mitten Crab
ExpandCommon Caterpillar Pests of Vegetables Identification Keys
ExpandControlling Backyard Invaders
ExpandElement Stewardship Abstract for Tamarix ramosissima Ledebour, Tamarix pentandra Pallas, Tamarix chinensis Loureiro, and Tamarix parviflora De Candolle
ExpandEmerald Ash Borer in Colorado - Identification of Insects and Damage of Similar Appearance
ExpandEuropean Woodwasps/Sirex Woodwasp in Colorado - Identification of Insects and Damage of Similar Appearance
ExpandExotic Plant Information Center ( EPIC )
ExpandFacts About New Zealand Mud Snail
ExpandFlora Identification CDs
ExpandForeign Nonindigenous Carps and Minnows (Cyprinidae) in the United States - A Guide to their Identification, Distribution, and Biology. Scientific Investigations Report 2005-5041
ExpandGeneral Pests of Household and Pantry
ExpandGiant Hogweed in Connecticut
ExpandGrasses and Grass-like Weeds of California
ExpandGreat Plains Diagnostic Network ( GPDN )
ExpandGypsy Moth (Lymantria dispar)

EDRR Needs Assessment Online Results (Identification & Validation)

Agricultural Research Service Systematic Botany and Mycology Laboratory
Reported by/Resource Contact: Amy Rossman (ARS)
(Record# 44, 45, 46, 47)

Cactus Moth Detection and Monitoring Network
Reported by/Resource Contact: Randy Westbrooks (USGS)
(Record# 3)

Early Warning System for Forest Health Threats in the United States, The
Reported by: Boris Tkacz (USDAFS) / Resource Contact: Ralph Their (USDAFS)
(Record# 50)

Identification Guide to the Bees East of the Mississippi - Apoidea - Bees and Sphecid Wasps
Reported by/Resource Contact: Sam Droege (USGS)
(Record# 23)

Implementation of the Early Warning System and Establishment of the Threat Assessment Centers
Reported by: Boris Tkacz (USDAFS) / Resource Contact: Bob Rabaglia
(Record# 51)

Integrated Taxonomic Information System
Reported by/Resource Contact: Michael Ruggiero (Smithsonian)
Other: Taxonomic Authority (Identification, Expertise)
(Record# 48)

National Institute of Invasive Species Science (NIISS)
Reported by: Catherine Jarnevich (USGS) / Resource Contact: Tom Stohlgren (USGS)
(Record# 43)

National Plant Diagnostic Network (NPDN)Reported by: Alan Tasker (APHIS) / Resource Contact: [Not Stated]
Other: Identification
(Record# 6X)

Northeast Aquatic Nuisance Species Panel (NEANS)
Reported by: Dean Wilkinson (DOI) / Resource Contact: Judi Pederson (MIT)
(Record# 15)


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