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Invasive species image galleries are valuable tools for identifying and comparing invasive species and suspected invasive species. Use the search tool below to look for image galleries for particular species or groups of species (like weeds). For searches using species scientific and common names, put the name in quotes like this "Eriocheir sinensis" or "Chinese Mitten Crab".

* If you know about invasive species image galleries that you think should be included in this list, please contact Annie Simpson ( or Elizabeth Sellers (

Invasive and Introduced Species Image Galleries
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Description: Personal Web site of a nature photographer. Provides photos and background information for the following topics: Wildflowers of the Southeastern United States; Mushrooms (Fungus); Invertebrates other than insects or arachnids; Arachnids (Spiders); Butterflies and Moths; Other Insects; Reptiles and Amphibians; Birds; Cedar Glades and Barrens; New Exotic, Invasive Species; Plants; Mammals; Cumberland Trail, Tennessee River Gorge Segment; Waterfalls and Cascades; Burgus Falls Tennessee State Park In Cold Weather.
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Publisher: Daniel W Reed
ExpandAnts of Arkansas (Species List and Images)
ExpandAnts of Florida (Species List and Images)
ExpandAnts of Georgia (Species List and Images)
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ExpandAnts of South Carolina (Species List and Images)
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ExpandAquatic and Wetland Plants and Invasive Plants: Particulars and Photographs
ExpandAquatic, Wetland and Invasive Plant Particulars and Photographs
ExpandAquatic, Wetland and Invasive Plants - Plant Image Gallery
ExpandAsian Carp Image Library
ExpandCoastal Prairies in South Florida
ExpandCogongrass (Imperata cylindrica) Image Gallery
ExpandColocasia esculenta
ExpandCommon Weed Seedlings of Michigan
ExpandCucurbits Weed Photo Gallery
ExpandCypress Swamps in South Florida
ExpandDirty Dozen Invaders of the Southwest
ExpandEmerald Ash Borer ASH ALERT Image Gallery
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