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The ISSG has launched this 'Invasive Species of the Week' button to raise awareness of the impacts of invasive species on native biodiversity and threatened ecosystems. For information about how to add this button to your own Web site, contact Shyama Pagad (Manager, Species Information Services, IUCN SSC ISSG).

Invasive Species

CSWGCIN Regional Invasive Species Database
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The Central Southwest Gulf Coast Region includes many different ecosystems ranging from humid, semi-tropical coastal swamps to arid, mountainous areas. Because of this, the region contains a large number of invasive species including species with a high economic impact and ruderal species. The Invasive Species Database provides baseline occurrence data of invasive species for the region but also details occurrences for areas of particular interest or environmentally sensitive areas like Coastal Plains.

For more information on invasive species in your area, please visit the Invasive Species Information Node of the NBII.

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Invasive Plant Dichotomous Key

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A dichotomous key makes it easy to identify an unknown organism. Our dichotomous key is for invasive plants. The key allows users to identify a plant by answering a series of questions regarding the plant's appearance and attributes.

Try our online Invasive Plant Dichotomous Key to learn more about invasive plants found in the CSWGC region.

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