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Water Resources of Mississippi

State and National Streamflow Conditions
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national real-time data and station information.

Current streamflow conditions in Mississippi; click to go to a live map.
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Welcome to the U.S. Geological Survey (USGS) Web page for the water resources of Mississippi. The USGS provides maps, reports and information to help others meet their needs to manage, develop, and protect America's water, energy, mineral, and land resources. We help find natural resources needed to build tomorrow, and supply scientific understanding needed to help minimize or mitigate the effects of natural hazards and environmental damage caused by human activities. The results of our efforts touch the daily lives of almost every American.

Steele Bayou Monitoring Update

Monitoring is critical for measuring the success of the Steele Bayou watershed restoration. A briefing sheet, released as of October 24, 2011, is available here.

USGS Mississippi Data Highlights

2010 Mississippi Water Data Report Now Available

Annual Data Report

The 2010 USGS Water Data Report is now available online and improves on the previous online reports with a new interactive feature designed to make site data retrieval easier and more convenient.

The new report includes a national map interface that can be used to identify an area of interest, locate sites where water data were collected for Water Year 2010, and access most of that data. The annual Water Data Report provides a snapshot of water conditions for a given year. Access the Water Data Report using a text ( Opens page in new window. ) or map ( Opens page in new window. ) interface.

National Water Information System: Mapper

The new NWIS Mapper provides an interactive map interface to all USGS water data (historical and current). (Note: To access data, zoom in on the map to level 11 or greater to make the individual sites clickable.)

Instantaneous Data Archive (IDA)

Instantaneous Data Archive for Mississippi. The Instantaneous Data Archive makes available as much intra-day streamflow data and historical instantaneous data continuous (measurements from every 5 to every 60 minutes), as possible, often several years' worth of data.

Informative Tools & Links

USGS StreaMail

cellphone image

USGS StreaMail is a system for accessing real-time river stage and streamflow from hand-held wireless devices, such as cell phones and Blackberries. All you have to do is send an email or text message to "" and use a USGS station number in the "Subject" line. In a few minutes you'll get back an email/text message with the most recent stage and streamflow.    

For more information visit StreaMail Background Information

USGS WaterAlert

droplet image

Now you can receive instant, customized updates about water conditions by subscribing to WaterAlert, a new service from the U.S. Geological Survey. WaterAlert allows users to receive updates about river flows, groundwater levels, water temperatures, rainfall, and water quality at more than 9,500 sites where USGS collects real-time water information. The Mississippi Water Science Center collects real-time water information at more than 130 sites throughout Mississippi and makes that data available to the public through WaterAlert.

For more information visit WaterAlert

USGS News & Social Media

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Highlighted Publications

The fate and transport of nitrate in shallow groundwater in northwestern Mississippi, USA

Journal Article -- The fate and transport of nitrate in shallow groundwater in northwestern Mississippi, USA. By Heather L. Welch, Christopher T. Green, and Richard H. Coupe

DS 493

DS 493 -- Prepared in cooperation with the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency: Water-Quality Data for Selected Streams in the Mississippi Alluvial Plain Ecoregion, Northwestern Mississippi, September-October 2007. By Matthew B. Hicks and Shane J. Stocks

SIR 2009-5091

SIR-2009-5091 -- National Water Quality Assessment Program: Quality of Shallow Groundwater and Drinking Water in the Mississippi Embayment-Texas Coastal Uplands Aquifer System and the Mississippi River Valley Alluvial Aquifer, South-Central United States, 1994-2004. By Heather L. Welch, James A. Kingsbury, Roland W. Tollett, and Ronald C. Seanor –2009

OFR 2008-1198

OFR-2008-1198 -- Prepared in cooperation with the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, U.S. Department of Agriculture-Natural Resources Conservation Service, Mississippi Department of Transportation, U.S. Department of Agriculture-U.S. Forest Service, and Mississippi Automated Resource Information System: Development of a Watershed Boundary Dataset for Mississippi. By K. Van Wilson, Jr., Michael G. Clair II, D. Phil Turnipseed, and Richard A. Rebich

SIM 3020

SIM 3020 -- Prepared in cooperation with the Mississippi Department of Environmental Quality, U.S. Department of Agriculture-Natural Resources Conservation Service, Mississippi Department of Transportation, U.S. Department of Agriculture-U.S. Forest Service, and Mississippi Automated Resource Information System: Watershed Boundary Dataset for Mississippi. By By K. Van Wilson, Jr., Michael G. Clair II, D. Phil Turnipseed, and Richard A. Rebich

SIR 2007-5090

SIR-2007-5090 -- National Water Quality Assessment Program: Trends In Nutrient and Sediment Concentrations and Loads In Major River Basins of the South-Central United States, 1993-2004. By Richard A. Rebich and Dennis K. Demcheck

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02479560: Flow=167cfs,Stage=2.52ft,Floodstage=18ft,2012-01-12 05:00,Low,ESCATAWPA RIVER NEAR AGRICOLA MS 02472500: Flow=1310cfs,Stage=6.75ft,Floodstage=18ft,2012-01-12 05:45,>90,BOUIE CREEK NR HATTIESBURG, MS 02431000: Flow=5300cfs,Stage=17.38ft,Floodstage=20ft,2012-01-12 05:00,>90,TOMBIGBEE RIVER NR FULTON, MS 02479155: Flow=22cfs,Stage=6.30ft,2012-01-12 05:45,<10,CYPRESS CREEK NR JANICE, MS 02481510: Flow=123cfs,Stage=4.88ft,Floodstage=27ft,2012-01-12 05:15,<10,WOLF RIVER NR LANDON, MS 02481000: Flow=20cfs,Stage=0.00ft,Floodstage=16ft,2012-01-12 05:00,<10,BILOXI RIVER AT WORTHAM, MS 02479300: Flow=239cfs,Stage=4.93ft,2012-01-12 02:15,<10,RED CREEK AT VESTRY, MS 07292500: Flow=1470cfs,Stage=6.14ft,Floodstage=19ft,2012-01-12 05:45,76-90,HOMOCHITTO RIVER AT ROSETTA, MS 07291000: Flow=305cfs,Stage=6.60ft,2012-01-12 02:45,76-90,HOMOCHITTO RIVER AT EDDICETON, MS 07283000: Flow=397cfs,Stage=4.60ft,Floodstage=31ft,2012-01-12 05:30,76-90,SKUNA RIVER AT BRUCE, MS 07274000: Flow=878cfs,Stage=6.07ft,Floodstage=25ft,2012-01-12 05:00,76-90,YOCONA RIVER NR OXFORD, MS 07030500: Flow=817cfs,Stage=4.83ft,Floodstage=13ft,2012-01-12 05:00,76-90,WOLF RIVER AT ROSSVILLE, TN 03592718: Flow=90cfs,Stage=7.08ft,2012-01-12 05:45,76-90,LITTLE YELLOW CREEK EAST NR BURNSVILLE, MS 02490500: Flow=2380cfs,Stage=9.47ft,Floodstage=15ft,2012-01-12 05:45,76-90,BOGUE CHITTO NR TYLERTOWN, MS 02477990: Flow=2390cfs,Stage=13.01ft,2012-01-12 04:00,76-90,BUCKATUNNA CREEK NR DENHAM, MS 02477000: Flow=2250cfs,Stage=10.75ft,Floodstage=25ft,2012-01-12 05:00,76-90,CHICKASAWHAY RIVER AT ENTERPRISE, MS 02476500: Flow=162cfs,Stage=5.19ft,2012-01-12 05:00,76-90,SOWASHEE CREEK AT MERIDIAN, MS 02475500: Flow=838cfs,Stage=4.81ft,Floodstage=22ft,2012-01-12 05:00,76-90,CHUNKY RIVER NR CHUNKY, MS 02474500: Flow=3260cfs,Stage=12.57ft,Floodstage=21ft,2012-01-12 05:45,76-90,TALLAHALA CREEK NR RUNNELSTOWN, MS 02473500: Flow=1030cfs,Stage=7.49ft,Floodstage=13ft,2012-01-12 05:45,76-90,TALLAHALA CREEK AT LAUREL, MS 02473000: Flow=6390cfs,Stage=7.74ft,Floodstage=22ft,2012-01-12 06:00,76-90,LEAF RIVER AT HATTIESBURG, MS 02444160: Flow=27700cfs,Stage=136.39ft,2012-01-12 02:00,76-90,TOMBIGBEE RIVER AT BEVILL L&D NR PICKENSVILLE, AL 02436500: Flow=1930cfs,Stage=10.55ft,2012-01-12 05:45,76-90,TOWN CREEK NR NETTLETON, MS 02430085: Flow=55cfs,Stage=5.86ft,2012-01-12 05:45,76-90,RED BUD CREEK NR MOORES MILL, MS 07290000: Flow=1390cfs,Stage=10.04ft,Floodstage=28ft,2012-01-12 05:00,10-24,BIG BLACK RIVER NR BOVINA, MS 02479160: Flow=498cfs,Stage=5.34ft,2012-01-12 05:30,10-24,BLACK CREEK NR WIGGINS, MS 07289350: Flow=698cfs,Stage=6.65ft,Floodstage=15ft,2012-01-12 05:45,25-75,BIG BLACK RIVER AT WEST, MS 07288500: Flow=600cfs,Stage=3.54ft,Floodstage=21ft,2012-01-12 05:00,25-75,BIG SUNFLOWER RIVER AT SUNFLOWER, MS 07282000: Flow=50cfs,Stage=11.44ft,Floodstage=23ft,2012-01-12 03:00,25-75,YALOBUSHA R AND TOPASHAW C CA AT CALHOUN CITY, MS 07032200: Flow=54cfs,Stage=7.61ft,2012-01-12 05:45,25-75,NONCONNAH CREEK NEAR GERMANTOWN, TN 02492000: Flow=2550cfs,Stage=6.91ft,2012-01-12 05:00,25-75,Bogue Chitto River near Bush, LA 02489500: Flow=7990cfs,Stage=14.18ft,Floodstage=18ft,2012-01-12 05:00,25-75,Pearl River near Bogalusa, LA 02488500: Flow=6860cfs,Stage=11.24ft,Floodstage=22ft,2012-01-12 05:15,25-75,PEARL RIVER NR MONTICELLO, MS 02486000: Flow=4210cfs,Stage=12.18ft,Floodstage=28ft,2012-01-12 03:45,25-75,PEARL RIVER AT JACKSON, MS 02485700: Flow=2.2cfs,Stage=6.91ft,2012-01-12 02:30,25-75,HANGING MOSS CREEK NR JACKSON, MS 02484500: Flow=460cfs,Stage=8.92ft,Floodstage=19ft,2012-01-12 05:45,25-75,YOCKANOOKANY RIVER NR OFAHOMA, MS 02484000: Flow=723cfs,Stage=9.90ft,Floodstage=15ft,2012-01-12 05:45,25-75,YOCKANOOKANY RIVER NR KOSCIUSKO, MS 02483001: Flow=240cfs,Stage=17.83ft,2012-01-12 06:00,25-75,SOUTH CANAL TUSCOLAMETA CREEK NR WALNUT GROVE, MS 02483000: Flow=291cfs,Stage=14.69ft,Floodstage=25ft,2012-01-12 06:00,25-75,TUSCOLAMETA CREEK AT WALNUT GROVE, MS 02482550: Flow=1810cfs,Stage=9.57ft,Floodstage=17ft,2012-01-12 05:45,25-75,PEARL RIVER NR CARTHAGE, MS 02482000: Flow=809cfs,Stage=8.16ft,Floodstage=20ft,2012-01-12 05:45,25-75,PEARL RIVER AT EDINBURG, MS 02481880: Flow=444cfs,Stage=9.88ft,Floodstage=13ft,2012-01-12 05:45,25-75,PEARL RIVER AT BURNSIDE, MS 02479130: Flow=419cfs,Stage=5.24ft,Floodstage=20ft,2012-01-12 05:45,25-75,BLACK CREEK NR BROOKLYN, MS 02479000: Flow=10700cfs,Stage=9.32ft,Floodstage=22ft,2012-01-12 05:15,25-75,PASCAGOULA RIVER AT MERRILL, MS 02478500: Flow=7060cfs,Stage=15.53ft,Floodstage=20ft,2012-01-12 05:15,25-75,CHICKASAWHAY RIVER AT LEAKESVILLE, MS 02476600: Flow=488cfs,Stage=5.49ft,2012-01-12 05:45,25-75,OKATIBBEE CREEK AT ARUNDEL, MS 02472000: Flow=1420cfs,Stage=7.78ft,Floodstage=25ft,2012-01-12 05:15,25-75,LEAF RIVER NR COLLINS, MS 02448000: Flow=1480cfs,Stage=10.77ft,Floodstage=26ft,2012-01-12 06:00,25-75,NOXUBEE RIVER AT MACON, MS 02439400: Flow=2280cfs,Stage=10.71ft,Floodstage=13ft,2012-01-12 03:00,25-75,BUTTAHATCHEE RIVER NR ABERDEEN, MS 02430880: Flow=34cfs,Stage=3.61ft,2012-01-12 05:45,25-75,CUMMINGS CREEK NR FULTON, MS 341550090391300: Stage=2.93ft,2012-01-12 05:15,Not ranked,OVERCUP SLOUGH TRIBUTARY NO 2 NEAR FARRELL, MS 341404090385600: Stage=1.37ft,2012-01-12 05:15,Not ranked,OVERCUP SLOUGH TRIBUTARY NO 1 NEAR FARRELL, MS 333830090394600: Stage=4.57ft,2012-01-12 05:00,Not ranked,PORTER BAYOU TRIB NO 4 OFF FOX ROAD NR SHAW, MS 333420090445900: Stage=8.33ft,2012-01-12 05:00,Not ranked,PORTER BAYOU TRIB NO 1 NW OF FRAZIER, MS 330304090210100: Stage=7.03ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,BEE LAKE TRIBUTARY NO 1 NR THORNTON, MS 302318088512600: Stage=0.54ft,2012-01-12 05:15,Not ranked,BILOXI BAY AT POINT CADET HARBOR AT BILOXI, MS 301912088583300: Stage=0.16ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,MISSISSIPPI SOUND AT USGS GULFPORT LIGHT, MS 301849088350000: Stage=1.28ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,MISSISSIPPI SOUND AT USGS ROUND ISLAND LIGHT, MS 301527088521500: Stage=0.46ft,2012-01-12 06:00,Not ranked,MISSISSIPPI SOUND AT USGS EAST SHIP ISLAND LIGHT 301429089145600: Stage=2.57ft,2012-01-12 05:54,Not ranked,MISSISSIPPI SOUND AT USGS MERRILL SHELL BANK LIGHT 301141089320300: Stage=0.87ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,EAST PEARL RIVER AT CSX RAILROAD NR CLAIBORNE, MS 301104089253400: Stage=3.29ft,2012-01-12 05:54,Not ranked,MISSISSIPPI SOUND AT USGS ST JOSEPH ISLAND LIGHT 0728875070: Flow=37cfs,Stage=8.01ft,2012-01-12 02:30,Not ranked,DEER CREEK EAST OF LELAND, MS 0248018020: Stage=1.11ft,Floodstage=8ft,2012-01-12 05:30,Not ranked,ESCATAWPA RIVER AT I-10 NR ORANGE GROVE, MS 07375800: Flow=480cfs,Stage=5.50ft,Floodstage=9ft,2012-01-12 05:00,Not ranked,Tickfaw River at Liverpool, LA 07375300: Stage=8.09ft,Floodstage=13ft,2012-01-12 02:00,Not ranked,Tangipahoa River near Kentwood, LA 07375280: Flow=1250cfs,Stage=11.47ft,Floodstage=15ft,2012-01-12 02:45,Not ranked,TANGIPAHOA RIVER AT OSYKA, MS 07373278: Stage=11.93ft,2012-01-12 02:00,Not ranked,Lake Saint John near Waterproof, LA 07369680: Flow=106cfs,Stage=2.24ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,Bayou Macon at Eudora, AR 07295000: Flow=363cfs,2012-01-11 16:30,Stage=5.08ft,2012-01-12 02:45:00,Floodstage=20ft,Not ranked,BUFFALO RIVER NR WOODVILLE, MS 07294800: Stage=45.86ft,2012-01-12 05:00,Not ranked,(COE) Mississippi River at Knox Landing, LA 07290880: Stage=40.72ft,Floodstage=48ft,2012-01-12 05:00,Not ranked,MISSISSIPPI RIVER AT NATCHEZ, MS 07290650: Stage=6.02ft,2012-01-12 03:45:00,Not ranked,Temporarily unavailable,BAYOU PIERRE NR WILLOWS, MS 07289730: Flow=1140cfs,Stage=7.75ft,Floodstage=22ft,2012-01-12 05:00,Not ranked,BIG BLACK RIVER NR BENTONIA, MS 07289000: Flow=808000cfs,Stage=31.93ft,Floodstage=43ft,2012-01-12 05:00,Not ranked,MISSISSIPPI RIVER AT VICKSBURG, MS 07288955: Stage=79.58ft,2012-01-12 05:30,Not ranked,YAZOO RIVER BL STEELE BAYOU NR LONG LAKE, MS 07288938: Stage=79.57ft,2012-01-12 05:00,Not ranked,STEELE BAYOU FLOODGATE (LANDSIDE) NR REDWOOD, MS 07288800: Stage=79.74ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,YAZOO RIVER AT REDWOOD, MS 07288700: Stage=29.63ft,Floodstage=45ft,2012-01-12 06:00,Not ranked,BIG SUNFLOWER RIVER NR ANGUILLA, MS 07288650: Flow=50cfs,Stage=6.94ft,2012-01-12 05:00,Not ranked,BOGUE PHALIA NR LELAND, MS 07288521: Stage=12.86ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,PORTER BAYOU AT STEPHENSVILLE, MS 07288280: Flow=570cfs,Stage=7.32ft,2012-01-12 04:00,Not ranked,BIG SUNFLOWER RIVER NR MERIGOLD, MS 07288068: Stage=8.82ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,HARRIS BAYOU AT PALMER RD EAST OF ALLIGATOR, MS 07288000: Stage=7.83ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,BIG SUNFLOWER RIVER AT CLARKSDALE, MS 07285500: Flow=3640cfs,Stage=10.95ft,2012-01-12 04:30,Not ranked,YALOBUSHA RIVER AT GRENADA, MS 07284500: 0000-00-00 00:00,Not ranked,GRENADA LAKE NR GRENADA, MISS 07282100: Stage=9.58ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,TOPASHAW CREEK CANAL NR CALHOUN CITY, MS 07281600: Flow=9550cfs,Stage=22.20ft,2012-01-12 05:00,Not ranked,TALLAHATCHIE RIVER AT MONEY, MS 07268000: Flow=1500cfs,Stage=15.97ft,Floodstage=25ft,2012-01-11 03:00,Not ranked,LITTLE TALLAHATCHIE RIVER AT ETTA, MS 07265455: Stage=34.72ft,Floodstage=48ft,2012-01-12 05:00,Not ranked,MISSISSIPPI RIVER NR GREENVILLE, MS 07030392: Flow=241cfs,Stage=7.74ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,WOLF RIVER AT LAGRANGE, TN 02492620: Stage=11.05ft,2012-01-12 05:15,Not ranked,PEARL RIVER AT NSTL STATION, MS 02492600: Stage=8.85ft,Floodstage=14ft,2012-01-12 03:00,Not ranked,Pearl River at Pearl River, LA 02492519: Stage=39.71ft,2012-01-12 05:00,Not ranked,Pearl River Navigation Canal Lock and Dam No. 1 02492360: Flow=49cfs,Stage=5.73ft,Floodstage=15ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,WEST HOBOLOCHITTO CREEK NR MCNEILL, MS 02492343: Flow=27cfs,Stage=3.78ft,Floodstage=15ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,EAST HOBOLOCHITTO CREEK NR CAESAR, MS 02492111: Flow=3780cfs,Stage=28.12ft,2012-01-12 06:00,Not ranked,WILSON SLOUGH NEAR WALKIAH BLUFF, MS 02492110: Flow=5030cfs,Stage=32.26ft,2012-01-12 06:00,Not ranked,EAST PEARL RIVER AB WILSON SL AT WALKIAH BLUFF, MS 02492100: Stage=26.58ft,2012-01-12 05:00,Not ranked,Pearl River Navigation Canal Lock and Dam No. 2 02490200: Stage=25.24ft,2012-01-12 05:00,Not ranked,Pearl River Navigation Canal Lock and Dam No. 3 02490193: Stage=59.01ft,2012-01-12 05:00,Not ranked,Pearl River at Pools Bluff near Bogalusa, LA 02489000: Flow=13200cfs,Stage=9.03ft,Floodstage=17ft,2012-01-12 05:15,Not ranked,PEARL RIVER NR COLUMBIA, MS 02487500: Flow=441cfs,Stage=4.94ft,Floodstage=25ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,STRONG RIVER AT D`LO, MS 02486350: Stage=2.44ft,2012-01-12 02:00,Not ranked,CANY CREEK AT JACKSON, MS 02486100: Stage=3.92ft,2012-01-12 05:30:00,Not ranked,Temporarily unavailable,LYNCH CREEK AT JACKSON, MS 02485950: Stage=2.00ft,2012-01-11 19:00,Not ranked,TOWN CREEK AT JACKSON, MS 02485800: Stage=3.42ft,2012-01-12 02:45,Not ranked,EUBANKS CREEK AT JACKSON, MS 02485601: Stage=259.43ft,2012-01-12 02:00,Not ranked,PEARL RIVER AT ROSS BARNETT RESERVOIR, MS 02485600: Stage=296.25ft,2012-01-12 02:00,Not ranked,ROSS BARNETT RESERVOIR NR JACKSON, MS 02485498: Stage=295.69ft,2012-01-12 05:30,Not ranked,PELAHATCHIE CREEK AT STATE HWY 25 NR FANNIN, MS 02484760: Flow=65cfs,Stage=2.59ft,2012-01-12 03:15,Not ranked,FANNEGUSHA CREEK NR SAND HILL, MS 02484650: Stage=296.04ft,Floodstage=303ft,2012-01-12 04:00,Not ranked,PEARL RIVER AT RATLIFF`S FERRY NR RATLIFF, MS 02483500: Flow=2640cfs,Stage=9.61ft,Floodstage=24ft,2012-01-12 05:30,Not ranked,PEARL RIVER NR LENA, MS 02482470: Flow=630cfs,Stage=17.05ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,LOBUTCHA CREEK AT RENFROE, MS 02481660: Stage=2.68ft,Floodstage=6ft,2012-01-12 05:30,Not ranked,JOURDAN RIVER NR BAY ST LOUIS, MS 02481270: Stage=0.03ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,BACK BAY OF BILOXI NEAR BILOXI, MISS. 02480285: Stage=0.33ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,WEST PASCAGOULA RIVER AT HWY 90 AT GAUTIER, MS 02480273: Stage=-0.25ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,PASCAGOULA RIVER AT INTERSTATE 10 AT CROOKED BAYOU 02480212: Stage=0.38ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,PASCAGOULA RIVER AT MI 1 AT PASCAGOULA, MS 02479980: Flow=6.1cfs,Stage=0.07ft,2012-01-12 05:30,Not ranked,CROOKED CREEK NEAR FAIRVIEW, AL. 02479945: Flow=17cfs,Stage=1.71ft,2012-01-12 05:00,Not ranked,BIG CREEK AT COUNTY RD 63 NEAR WILMER, AL. 02479310: Flow=5490cfs,Stage=4.11ft,Floodstage=16ft,2012-01-12 02:45,Not ranked,PASCAGOULA RIVER AT GRAHAM FERRY, MS 02475000: Flow=9030cfs,Stage=11.26ft,Floodstage=18ft,2012-01-12 05:15,Not ranked,LEAF RIVER NR MCLAIN, MS 02474600: Flow=333cfs,Stage=2.81ft,2012-01-12 06:00,Not ranked,BOGUE HOMO NR RICHTON, MS 02474560: Flow=10100cfs,Stage=11.00ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,LEAF RIVER NR NEW AUGUSTA, MS 02473460: Flow=622cfs,Stage=13.95ft,2012-01-12 03:00,Not ranked,TALLAHALA CREEK AT WALDRUP, MS 02472980: Stage=12.01ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,BOUIE RIVER AT GLENDALE AVENUE AT HATTIESBURG, MS 02472850: Flow=1310cfs,Stage=9.92ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,OKATOMA CREEK AT SANFORD, MS 02448900: Flow=271cfs,Stage=5.09ft,2012-01-12 05:30,Not ranked,BODKA CREEK NEAR GEIGER, AL. 02448500: Not ranked,Site discontinued,NOXUBEE RIVER NR GEIGER, AL 02444161: Stage=114.92ft,Floodstage=122ft,2012-01-12 02:00,Not ranked,TOMBIGBEE RIVER BEL BEVIL L&D NR PICKENSVILLE, AL. 02443500: Flow=1790cfs,Stage=7.73ft,Floodstage=15ft,2012-01-12 05:00,Not ranked,LUXAPALLILA CREEK NR COLUMBUS, MS 02441390: 0000-00-00 00:00,Stage=63.13ft,2012-01-12 04:00:00,Floodstage=161ft,Not ranked,TOMBIGBEE RIVER AT STENNIS LOCK AND DAM, MS 02437100: Flow=8110cfs,Stage=40.16ft,Floodstage=188ft,2012-01-12 04:00,Not ranked,TOMBIGBEE RIVER AT ABERDEEN LOCK AND DAM, MS 02437000: Flow=9680cfs,Stage=16.26ft,Floodstage=20ft,2012-01-11 19:45,Not ranked,TOMBIGBEE RIVER NR AMORY, MS 02433500: Flow=5320cfs,2012-01-11 19:45,Stage=10.55ft,2012-01-12 05:30:00,Floodstage=14ft,Not ranked,TOMBIGBEE RIVER AT BIGBEE, MS 02432500: Flow=645cfs,Stage=5.42ft,2012-01-12 03:00,Not ranked,BULL MOUNTAIN CREEK AT TREMONT, MS 02430680: Flow=499cfs,Stage=11.78ft,2012-01-12 05:45,Not ranked,TWENTYMILE CREEK NR GUNTOWN, MS 02430500: Stage=12.06ft,2012-01-11 23:00,Not ranked,TOMBIGBEE RIVER NR MARIETTA, MS Go to WaterWatch (offsite) for a larger map with additional options