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Premium microdermabrasion machines for skin care professionals. We have Multifunction diamond microdermabrasion machines and multifunction crystal microdermabrasion machines.

Skin resurfacing by microdermabrasion was the single most popular non-surgical cosmetic procedures performed in 2010 and has exploded in popularity. This technique is a really just what it sounds like, a skin sanding or re-surfacing on the micro level of the epidermis.

Microdermabrasion is a non-invasive skin rejuvenation treatment that involves abrading away the top layer of skin known as the stratum corneum that consists of dead skin cells. This process, if done correctly, will exfoliate while also reduce fine lines and wrinkles, reduce age spots, increase collagen production, reduce scarring, improve skin texture, minimize enlarged pores, and promote skin cell division.

Although modern microdermabrasion machines are relatively new on the scene, the principle was developed as early as 1450 B.C. by ancient Egyptian doctors that would use a type of sandpaper and pumice stones to abrade away the top layer of skin. The problem with this type of treatment is that the tools were too primitive and they could actually cause scarring rather than remedy it. The first attempt at making a microdermabrasion machine was in Germany in the 1950's where human rotated wheels and large abrasive files were used to try abrade and exfoliate the top layers of the skin. For similar reason, this machine was not very effective and could often cause more harm than good.

It was not until 1985 when the first modern microdermabrasion machine was invented in Italy by Dr. Mattioli and Dr. Brutto. This machine was much more refined and used crystals to abrade dead skin cells and a high powered vaccuum system to remove the dead skin cells and other debris.

More recently, there has been many improvements on that prototype microdermabrasion machine, and the evolution of modern microdermabrasion machines has advanced light years. Crystal microdermabrasion still has its efficacy, however in most aesthetic and clinical situations, the diamond microdermabrasion machine has supplanted the messy crystal type as the clinician favorite.

Diamond microdermabrasion machines employ real diamond heads with high powered vaccuum to effectively exfoliate the top layer of skin and immediately vacuum it up into the filters. This type of microdermabrasion is seen as preferential by many skin care professionals because it can be used around the eyes, nose,  and there are no messy crystals left behind.

We proudly carry only Sylvan microdermabrasion machines which are becoming industry gold standard for quality and efficacy. Sylvan diamond microdermabrasion machines all come with a full set of 13 diamond heads. Sylvan diamond heads have real laser cut diamond tips for precise texture and abrasiveness.

Benefits of Microdermabrasion include:

  • Fresh Healthy glowing younger skin with enhanced texture and increased elasticity
  • Reduced age spots, sun spots, and blemishes
  • Reduced acne scars
  • Reduced stretch marks
  • Rejuvenation of sun damaged skin - face, back, neck, shoulders, arms, legs
  • Minimization of blotchy skin coloring
  • Elimination or smoothing of fine wrinkles
  • Extraction of blackheads and whiteheads.
  • Lessing of oily type skin.
  • Reduction of acne scars and other superficial scars, elimination of some¬† scarring.
  • Reduction of acne
  • Improvement of overall skin health and skin capillary circulation

Sylvan Microdermabrasion machines all have very high quality Japanese made compressors, laser cut diamonds, 5-year warranty, free technical support, training videos, and world class quality.

Premium microdermabrasion machines for skin care professionals. We have Multifunction diamond microdermabrasion machines and multifunction crystal microdermabrasion machines.

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