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Telephone hotlines for reporting invasive species sightings. Use the search tool below to search the catalog for hotlines in your state, or for hotlines for particular kinds of invasive species like the Coqui frog (Eleutherodactylus coqui), Gypsy moth (Lymantria dispar) or the Emerald Ash Borer (EAB) (Agrilus planipennis).

* If you know about other telephone hotlines for reporting invasive or introduced species sightings that you think should be included in this list, please contact Annie Simpson ( or Elizabeth Sellers (

Invasive Species Sighting Telephone Hotlines
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CollapseAlaska Invasive Species List and Telephone Hotline (1-877-INVASIV)
Description: Quote:"Invasive species can dominate and destroy ecosystems creating irreversible economic, cultural, and health damage. The Alaska Department of Fish & Game is working to monitor and control further introduction and spread of invasive species." This Web site provides access to the Alaska Aquatic Nuisance Species Management Plan, and links to further information on high priority threats described in the management plan. Species are listed by taxonomic group and alphabetically by common name. Common names are linked to species pages that contain life history, biology, and related information about each species.
Resource Type: Checklists and Identification Guides, Issue Overviews, Monitoring Protocols
Resource Format: URL
Publisher: Alaska Department of Fish and Game
ExpandAquatic Nuisance Species Hotline - 877-STOP-ANS (877-786-7267)
ExpandCalifornia Central Valley Bay-Delta Mitten Crab Sighting Report Form and Telephone Hotline 1 888 321 8913
ExpandCalifornia Zebra Mussel Sighting Hotline 1-888-840-8917 and Email Address
ExpandControl of Coqui Frogs in Hawai'i Contact Information and Telephone Hotlines for Reporting New Infestations
ExpandDepartment of Defense Pesticide Hotline and E-mail Service
ExpandEmerald Ash Borer ( EAB ) Telephone Hotlines for Michigan, Indiana, Ohio, Wisconsin, Illinois, and USDA APHIS
ExpandMaui County Report a Pest - Telephone Hotlines
ExpandMinnesota Arrest the Pest Hotline (1-888-545-MOTH)
ExpandOhio Emerald Ash Borer ( EAB ) Telephone Hotline 1-888-OHIO-EAB
ExpandOregon Invasive Species Online Hotline (1-866-INVADER)
ExpandOregon Invasive Species Sighting Telephone Hotline 1-866-INVADER (1-866-468-2337)
ExpandReport a Brown Tree Snake Hotline (1-877-STOP-ANS)
ExpandReport a Brown Tree Snake Hotline (1-877-STOP-ANS)
ExpandReport an Aquatic Invasive Species Sighting in Vermont Call: 802-241-3777
ExpandReport Brown Tree Snake Sightings Hotline 671-777-HISS (4477)
ExpandStop Rats in Alaska Contacts - How to Report Rat Sightings
ExpandWisconsin Department of Natural Resources Emerald Ash Borer Telephone Hotline 1 800 462 2803
ExpandWisconsin Gypsy Moth Telephone Hotline and Web site - Information to Manage the Gypsy Moth on Your Land
ExpandWisconsin Zebra Mussel Sighting Telephone Hotline
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