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Office of Human Services Emergency Preparedness and Response
National Commission on Children and Disasters: 2010 Report to the President and Congress

Appendix J. Commission and Project Staff

Commission Staff

Christopher J. Revere, MPA, Executive Director
Pamela Carter-Birken, Executive Deputy Director
Victoria A. Johnson, MS, Policy Director
Randall Gnatt, J.D., Senior Policy Advisor
Frank Valliere, MA, Policy Specialist
Jacqueline Officer, Executive Assistant
CAPT Juliana Sadovich, RN, PhD, Designated Federal Official

Project Staff, Abt Associates Inc.

Deborah Klein Walker, Ed.D., Principal Investigator
Tom Rich, MS, Project Director
Kim Fletcher, MA
Ron Davison, MA
Cee Cee Molineaux, MS
Timothy Clark
Emily Goodman
Andrea Schnitzer

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