Children in Disaster Situations


Public Meetings are held at the Aerospace Building at 901 D Street, SW Washington, D.C. The next Commission public meeting is scheduled for:

  • March 14, 2011

Public Meetings and Field Visits

March 14, 2011: Commission Meeting

  • Agenda (PDF 41KB)
  • Minutes (PDF 85KB)
  • Presentation, Stacy Arnesen & Perrti Hakkinen, National Library of Medicine, “Potential Role for the National Library of Medicine’s Disaster Information Management Research Center” (PDF 2.37MB)
  • Federal Register Notice

November 15, 2010: Commission Meeting

  • Agenda (PDF 138KB)
  • Minutes (PDF 106KB)
  • Federal Register Notice
  • Public Comment: Libby Kuffner Nealis, MSSW, School Social Work Association of America (PDF 34KB)
  • Public Comment: O. Marion Burton, MD, FAAP, President, American Academy of Pediatrics (PDF 61KB)

August 23, 2010: Commission Meeting

  • Minutes (PDF 70KB)

May 11, 2010: Commission Meeting

April 27, 2010: Commission Field Visit to Miami, Florida

  • Florida Field Visit Summary (PDF 33KB)
  • Florida Field Visit Minutes (PDF 81KB)
  • Florida Field Visit Distributed Agenda (PDF 123KB)

March 23, 2010: Commission Meeting

February 2, 2010: Commission Meeting

  • Agenda (PDF 9KB)
  • Minutes (PDF 112KB)
  • Presentation, Sonya Hsieh, Lessons Learned Information Sharing, “National Resource Center for Children and Disasters” (PDF 1MB)
  • Public Comment: Anna Miller, M.D., Hospital for Special Surgery, NY (PDF 22KB)
  • Public Comment: Daniel W. Green, MS, MD, FACS, FAAP (PDF 44KB)
  • Public Comment: Mark Peterson, President/CEO, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota (PDF 68KB)
  • Public Comment: Nancy Beers, Director of Camp Noah and Disaster Services (PDF 29KB)
  • Federal Register Notice

February 1, 2010: Long-Term Disaster Recovery Workshop

January 6, 2010: Commission Field Visit to Cedar Rapids, Iowa

  • Iowa Field Visit Summary (PDF 45KB)
  • Iowa Field Visit Minutes (PDF 104KB)

November 10, 2009: Commission Meeting

  • Agenda (PDF 12KB)
  • Minutes (PDF 112KB)
  • Presentation: FEMA, “Children's Working Group Update to Commission” (PPT 628KB)
  • Presentation: American Academy of Pediatrics, “National Clearinghouse for Children and Disasters” (PPT 180KB)
  • Federal Register Notice

September 15, 2009: Commission Meeting

June 26, 2009: Commission Meeting

  • Agenda (PDF 9KB)
  • Minutes (PDF 108KB)
  • Federal Register Notice (Doc 32KB)

FEMA Administrator Fugate addresses the Commission at the June public meeting

FEMA Administrator W. Craig Fugate addresses the Commission at the June public meeting

June 25, 2009: Joint NCCD - National Academy of Sciences Disaster Roundtable

  • Agenda (PDF 143KB)
  • Roundtable Summary: Children and Youth in Disasters (PPT 707KB)
  • Minutes (PDF 118KB)
  • Federal Register Notice (PDF 23KB)
  • Panel participant presentations by request

February 27, 2009: Commission Meeting

  • Agenda (PDF 17KB)
  • Minutes (PDF 54KB)
  • Federal Register Notice (PDF 43KB)

January 26, 2009: Commission Field Visit to Baton Rouge, Louisiana

  • Baton Rouge Field Visit Report (PDF 47KB)

November 20, 2008: Commission Meeting

  • Agenda: (Doc 76KB)
  • Minutes: (PDF 109KB)
  • Presentation: Alfred Jurison, PhD, “Disaster Housing Assistance Program (DHAP-IKE)” (PPT 164KB)
  • Presentation: Edward Olney, Jr., “Sheltering and Mass Care Briefing” (Doc 57KB)
  • Presentation: Dr. Steven Krug, “Pediatric Disaster Readiness - Acute Medical Care” (PPT 6MB)
  • Presentation: David Lipin, “Children and Disasters - A "Boots on the Ground" Perspective” (PPT 4MB)
  • Presentation: CAPT Allen Dobbs III, MD, “Gaps in Acute Care of Children in Disasters” (PPT 2MB)
  • Federal Register Notice (PDF 28KB)

October 14, 2008: Inaugural Commission Meeting

  • Agenda (PDF 30KB)
  • Minutes (PDF 142KB)
  • Ethics Memo (PDF 115KB)
  • Ethics Booklet (PDF 195KB)
  • Ethics PowerPoint (PPT 249KB)
  • NCCD Organization and Planning Session (PPT 149KB)
  • Federal Register Notice (PDF 29KB)

Public Meetings occur on a quarterly basis


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