Wednesday, April 27, 2011
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Forecasters Predict Above-Average 2011 Hurricane Season U.S. forecasters from Colorado State University are predicting an above-average 2011 Atlantic hurricane season that will see 16 named storms, nine of them turning into hurricanes.
Not born on the bayou, but staying for good A community of Mennonites has brought their way of life to the bayous of Louisiana.
Promote Fire Safety Awareness for Families HALF OF CHILDREN KILLED IN FIRES ARE UNDER AGE 5. USA Today (2/13, Sternberg) reports, "Children age 4 and younger, those least able to make their way to safety without help, account for roughly half of all childhood deaths and injuries suffered in fires," according to a FEMA report set for release today. "Children younger than 5 made up 52% of the deaths of children younger than 16 in fires in 2007," and "were 46% of the injuries that year."
"Home is more than a place to live" – Reflections on Indiana Flood Recovery As I look back on the past 16 months working in northern Indiana, along where the Tippecanoe River had spilled its banks, I am struck by the differences and similarities between the work here in a rural setting, and what I have experienced in a more urban setting.