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Woman at computerIf you're having difficulty with our site or getting access to the information you need, this information should help you.

If you have suggestions for content or improvements, please so that we can improve the site or solve your problem.

  • Why do new windows open sometimes and not other times?
    Links within NISIC's site open in the same window. Links to resources external to our site open in a new window. We are following standards established for USDA and NAL's Web sites.

  • Links from other sites to NISIC are not working and I've reached a "File Not Found" page. Who do I contact?
    If a NISIC Web page is linked from another Web site and the link is not working, please report this error to the owner or Webmaster of that site. NISIC has no control over external links to our site.

  • Links on NISIC are not working. Who do I contact?
    We work hard to maintain the quality and integrity of the resources we include on on our site. Unfortunately sites are frequently reorganized, which causes link problems. Please let us know if you encounter a broken link and we try to find the correct resource for you.

  • What do the citations mean that are in italics below most links?
    Most links are identified with a citation below the link in italics, referencing the organization name for resource. For example:
Helpful Resources
Refer to these additional resources if you are still experiencing problems finding what you need.
Search Tips
If you need assistance while performing searches on our site, please refer to our search tips. In addition to using our search feature located on the top left of our site navigation, you may also use Google to search the Web or perform a site search for Invasivespeciesinfo.gov.

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Web Site Redesign
We have redesigned our Web site to fit the new USDA Web standard, which is part of a broader USDA regulation called Web Site Development and Maintenance. This initiative is designed to ensure a standard, consistent, “look and feel” for all USDA Web sites and Web-based applications, while encouraging innovation and minimizing constraints on agencies’ Web-based presentations. A consistent appearance and logic to all USDA Web pages makes it easier to find information quickly and reduces confusion. This new USDA Web standard is set forth in the USDA Web Style Guide, a precise document that governs layout, appearance, accessibility, and usability guidelines, among other things.
Technical Issues
If you are having technical difficulties, please refer to our technology requirements to ensure your system meets the minimum requirements. If your problems are not resolved, please contact our for further assistance.
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Last Modified: Jun 08, 2011
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