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Marriage Contracts and Covenant Marriages I'm seeing a lot of women being taken advantage of after years of devoting themselves to their husband and family. Isn't that worth something? I think I could agree with it if people on equal footing married.
- Jane2
Re: The end of the world as we know it The end of the world is an exciting feeling. No matter how much it does not come true, folks want to tap into that mood again. And it make tons of money for the purveyors of end times heroine addictions. End Times give folks a feeling of participating in something significant.
- Tyr
Re: Catholics: Come Home why is it so important that I come "home"? And how is "home" the Catholic church? It's more important to be a follower of Christ than it is to be Catholic, or whatever religious name you have.
- doctorbruce


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There is a difference, however, between teaching about religion and teaching religion itself.

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