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Gardening 101
How do I prune my crape myrtle? How do I plant a tree? What's wrong with my tomatoes? Get the answers everyone's looking for.
Before you start digging, there are some idiosyncrasies you should know about our climate and soil.

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Search thousands of listings by keyword to find a plant lover's paradise.
Texas wildflowers
What kind of wildflower year was 2008? Need some help with identification? Just want to relive the spring through photos?
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Seasonal special reports
HURRICANE SEASON: Tips on preparing for storms and dealing with damage to lawns and gardens.
FALL VEGETABLES: Complete guide to planning, designing and planting your veggie garden.
HEAT: It comes around every year: Summer. Learn what you can do to keep everything alive and thriving.
BIRDING: Spot a new bird? Put it on the searchable birding map at
RECYCLE POTS: Find where to recycle your plastic nursery containers. Or add a location.

Pecan tree branches drooping Can I or should I do anything to provide some kind of support for these branches?
- ShipCop
Dying Azaleas... HELP Over the past 4 to 6 months my azaleas in my backyard have one by one been turing brown at the tips, dropping leaves and dying. ...
- ambo
Re: E-mail offer: Free beautyberries One person came by today and dug up about twenty American Beautyberry plants. ...
- ilovehuffman
Lemon Tree is Leafless I have a Meyer lemon tree about 1" caliper in full sun that has steadily lost leaves all summer.
- kingfish6
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habitat gardening
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