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Ragged Hearts—Ragged Hearts is an example of seasoned musicians doing right by younger players.

Scale the Summit—Rock usually grows slowly under great pressure over thousands of years. But in the case of progressive instrumental band Scale the Summit, rock formed under blue skies over just a period of months. READ MORE

Low Man's JoeWhere I Stand is a 10-track collection of fist-pumping, sing-along rockers. Gyrich and Barringer are natural songwriters, and it’s an astonishing accomplishment for a first CD. READ MORE

Kathryn Hallberg—“I think when I go to these places people expect me to get up and sing a song about my hamster dying or something young and juvenile,” fourteen-year-old Kathryn Hallberg says with good-natured exasperation, “but then I get up and play my songs, and they’re surprised.” READ MORE

Metavenge—Cousins Anthony Cruz Jr. and Brandon Galvan resumed classes Monday at Lamar High School, just two faces among the teenage crowd. But come Saturday, they'll leave the homework behind and thrash at Rock the Bayou. READ MORE

Craig Kinsey—The bacchanalian frenzy of a Sideshow Tramps show will not prepare you for front man Craig Kinsey's solo album, The Burdener. READ MORE