Entering Symbols / Supported Exchanges

If you don't know the symbol for a security, click on the "Symbol Lookup" link in the toolbar to go directly to the Symbol Lookup function where you can search our database of more than 200,000 supported equities, mutual funds and indexes.

If you know the symbol, enter it using the format: < Symbol >:< Exchange Code > (e.g. T:US). If no exchange code is supplied we will attempt to find the symbol using the U.S. Composite exchange "US". The special exchange code "IND" should be used for all indexes (e.g. SPX:IND). Otherwise, refer to the table below to find an exchange and its corresponding exchange code. In some cases we provide data from a composite exchange. As a result, the table below does not contain the name of many exchanges like NYSE or NASDAQ. If you do not see the exchange you're looking for, choose the composite exchange for that region. Composite exchanges include the word "Composite" in their name.

A composite exchange aggregates trade data from multiple local exchanges into one virtual exchange. This way you see movement across all exchanges that a security is trading on at once. The official closing price for a composite exchange is the last closing price received from all of the local exchanges within the composite.

If you have entered a symbol into the toolbar, click on one of the following buttons:

Exchange Name Code
Abidjan IA
Abu Dhabi UH
Amman JR
Amsterdam EN NA
Argentina Composite AR
Australia Composite AU
BRVM Region BC
Bahamas BM
Bahrain BI
Bangkok TB
Barbados BA
Belgrade SE SG
Bermuda SE BH
Bolivia VB
Brazil BZ
Brussels EN BB
Bucharest RO
Bulgaria SE BU
Canada Composite CN
Cayman Islands KY
Chile Composite CI
China Composite CH
Colombo SL
Columbia CB
Costa Rica CR
Croatia CZ
Cyprus CY
Denmark DC
Dhaka BD
Dubai DU
Ecuador ED
Egypt EY
Estonia ET
Gaboron BG
Germany Composite GR
Ghana GN
Greece GA
Exchange Name Code
Guana GU
Hanoi VN
Harare ZH
Helsinki FH
Hong Kong HK
Hungary HB
ITG Posit PO
Iceland IR
India Composite IN
Ireland ID
Israel IT
Italy IM
Jakarta IJ
Jamaica JA
Japan Composite JP
Kazakhstan KZ
Kenya KN
Korea Composite KS
Kuala Lumpur MK
Kuwait KK
Lagos NL
Latvia LR
Lebanon LB
Liechtenstein LE
Lima PE
Lisbon EN PL
Lithuania LH
London Intl LI
Lusaka ZL
Luxembourg LX
Madrid SM
Malawi SE MW
Malta MV
Mauritius MP
Mexico MM
Morocco MC
Exchange Name Code
Namibia NW
New Zealand NZ
Oman OM
Oslo NO
Pakistan Composite PA
Palestine PS
Panama PP
Paris EN FP
Philippines PM
Prague Composite CP
Qatar QD
Russia Composite RU
Saudi Arabia AB
Singapore SP
Slovakia SK
Slovenia SV
South Africa SJ
St. Kitts EK
Stockholm SS
Suva FS
Swaziland SD
Switzerland SW
Taipei TT
Tanzania TZ
Trinidad TP
Tunisia TU
Turkey TI
UK Composite LN
US Composite US
Uganda UG
Ukraine UZ
Uruguay UY
Venezuela VC
Vienna AV
Virt-x VX
Warsaw PW